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Lost mail

Started by welcomebackkotter

Crazy high transit balance

Started by solveit

Notarizing documents for Canadian citizens (Toronto in my case)

Started by aabbcc

Korea Rail- room for a large bag?

Started by kimchiyum

Stupid question time: As an American on an E2 visa, is there anything...

Started by aalexandromoreno

Is it possible to pay a KEPCO electricity bill without seeing the bill?

Started by raysmith

Early entry on E2 visa

Started by arlovm

Registering for health insurance (F visas)

Started by AngryTypingGuy

SKT Broadband Termination

Started by Lachkesis

Shipping furniture from Korea to US?

Started by dantheman650

banking with no ARC?

Started by dreamsicklebomb

Kpop dance industry

Started by melmo1990

Help with Kiturami Water Heater

Started by sixtieshappy

Korea Tax Questions

Started by BurtBlack

Luggage Storage in Incheon Airport?

Started by jschaffer

Colonoscopy in Korea - BEWARE!

Started by fdny

Where to get business cards printed?

Started by RenateJungRan

Finding a printing center

Started by GregSandford

Getting driver's license in Korea (Canada/Canadian)

Started by Aliorange

MOVED: Finding Housing in Seoul that doesn't require 보증금

Started by Yaya

Stop phoning me and just leave it at the manager's office! FFS!

Started by Aristocrat

MOVED: Where to stay before leaving Korea?

Started by Yaya

Recommended hospitals with English speaking staff

Started by Aristocrat

Can you work in, manage or own a café on a teaching visa?

Started by caferacer

2015 F-4 Visa (Re-application in Seoul) Any significant changes?

Started by recordingtime

Switching US and Korean License Back for Shot Trip

Started by aow.mave

MOVED: Personal Injury due to poorly maintained school...Advice...

Started by gagevt

Question about getting a TEFL

Started by im_unseen

Taking Cash out of Bank Ruins Pension?

Started by BradyQ

Alternatives to Wedding Halls?

Started by Ben-Ja-Meen

Where do I dispose of Flourecent Bulbs

Started by JNM

Moving from TaLK to EPIK without leaving Korea

Started by rinjy

From when is medical insurance effective for a new E2 visa?

Started by fourthchild

Electronic door lock keeps ringing - not the battery

Started by gidget

Help needed for F6 Visa application (Singaporean)

Started by prisong28

First Car Accident in Korea (Story/Questions)

Started by aow.mave

Smelly washing machine

Started by Imogen1991

Exporting a dog from Korea to UK

Started by icecreamkills

Passport, visa, ARC expire soon - which to renew first?

Started by AngryTypingGuy

Is there a Korean Credit card where I could amass tremendous mileage points?

Started by matador


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