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Using Korean Debit Card at a Foreign ATM

Started by AnthroInKorea28

Timeline for Petition with Labor Board--what's your experience?

Started by drk0891

USA Taxes

Started by thunderlips

The "physical presence" test for US tax filing - quick question

Started by Andyman

Cheapest online site???

Started by cashclay

Switch to a D10 Visa then collect pension?

Started by LaChaca

can the hakwon cut off my insurance while I'm in hospital?

Started by minoKo

Nadoyo Ticket seller

Started by m.j.parsons28

Renewing Citibank certificate after leaving Korea

Started by b1i2a3

Mammogram or Breast Screening

Started by b.davidson769

2nd time in Korea. Do I have to pay tax again?

Started by robbb3490

Gwangju Dentist?

Started by khanangst

wedding venue

Started by astiga0802

Robitussin! Is it illegal?

Started by DJbunnykins

FBI Criminal Background Check (The s*** has officially hit the fan)

Started by impressionn

English Swimming Lessons in Korea

Started by jochiwon

Looking for good quality Seoul kennel/dog boarding

Started by jcable123

NH-One account

Started by Loocy

wedding photographers and catering

Started by astiga0802

Schools and cancer

Started by hockeyguard

Getting antidepressants

Started by pantufla

Help! I'm in Pain

Started by daechan16

Help how to get husband to US

Started by astiga0802

Wondering about this email I got from the NPS

Started by samwh

What is the legality, as a foreigner, on attending the protests?

Started by CO2

Poor circulation and numbingly cold extremeties

Started by devsterl

Korean classes in Chungnam Province (near Buyeo?)

Started by Pur3d4wn

Help from any foreigners who run hagwons with their Korean significant other

Started by leaponover

Euthanizing animals in Korea

Started by kriztee

Changing citizenship

Started by kazamataz24

Roaming with Korean phone QUESTION!!!!

Started by meeeganthevegan

"Proof" of Korean Health Insurance (US-related)

Started by moonbrie

Disputing charges on a summary order

Started by quiromantico

H-1 Visa

Started by cgice61

English speaking doctor near sinchon/ewha

Started by melien10

LG U+ Issue

Started by Keah15

I'm looking for an English speaking doctor near (Changwon, Busan, or Jinju)

Started by belovedalways157

How much money should I bring to Korea? [MEGA THREAD]

Started by kekekatie

Looking to buy a cheap used phone

Started by Somebody

Private insurance

Started by nleconte


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