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Employment options for F4 (Gyopo) Visa Holders. HELP!

Started by impressionn

Power point and lesson plan links gone

Started by heatherrr88

Getting a Korean driver's license, from scratch.

Started by Aristocrat

tax question

Started by girlf

Between jobs address change?

Started by mkrs

Changes to F-3 working rights?

Started by Andyman

Confirmation of Proof of Residence for D10 VISA

Started by fatima944

Does National Healthcare End With Contract or Visa?

Started by grey

Visa as a permanent resident!!

Started by Vanessa94

F4 Visa or Claiming Korean Citizenship

Started by myl988

Pension refund not airport pick up

Started by larten456

Pension refund transfer to my charles schwab account

Started by petehsiung

Is there someone who wants to invest a business or found own business in Korea?

Started by HeroPark

E6 Artist/ Entertainer Visa for self employed Fashion Designer & Artist

Started by NochuBunni

What is Refugee? : Application for Refugee

Started by HeroPark

Hagwon is overdue paying me

Started by Love2bWaygook

Is my KEB EasyOne account screwed?

Started by joanns

F-6-1 Visa and Immigration and Address Change

Started by jeffdw

Villa legal questions

Started by shuffleg

Worth getting an immigration lawyer?

Started by twinsaurus

Joint Office of International Administrative Agents 1688-6859

Started by HeroPark

KakaoBank: low-cost remittance online banking?

Started by hsingasong

As a Foreigner. How to Open an Internet Startup in Korea.

Started by ch1253

Transferring money FROM the UK TO Korea

Started by TimorousMe

Anyone used their KEB Hana card overseas?

Started by OnNut81

Public Notary Office in Seoul

Started by scholes

Korean National Health Insurance Check Up

Started by princessnimb


Started by denimdaze

General Questions About Teaching in Korea

Started by catherine113

SKT won't accept my ARC as ID because I initially registered using my passport

Started by MarkMillsFromReading

First time home buyers loan and a bit more...

Started by lifeisgood6447

Document destruction

Started by JNM

KEB Hana or Shinhan for Remittance to Canada? Other Options?

Started by hellobby

Seoul: Forced to move to another apartment halfway through current contract.

Started by lloydloots

Korean Pension Lump-Sum refund at the Airport!

Started by traveljunkie1

GNET Fall 2017 September 1 intake

Started by Zeezaweez

Connecting Korean Bank Account to PayPal

Started by cwhetsell

MRI Scans

Started by lieueez

Applying for National Pension refund from aboard

Started by Aelliseu

Any Canadians with an F-6 visa?

Started by Linda93


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