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D10 Visa "Plan For Seeking Employment" for help

Started by amyb72

Changing from C3 (Tourist visa) to D10 (Job seeking visa)

Started by kelvinmagnus

Mole removal

Started by birdyblue

Teaching employment with F6 - require new FBI check?

Started by Dashmaster

Getting an E2 visa while traveling- no VIN for EPIK?

Started by dmorchard

Visa Expiration Issue

Started by Taylor8435

Travel Insurance for Canadian expats

Started by alwaysstriving

VISA sticker on my KB Checking card

Started by CO2

Daegu Local Pension Office for Lump Sum Refund

Started by needabetterusername

Busan Bank Certficate

Started by m.j.parsons28

Question about housing contract

Started by broken415

Samsung Screen Repair - Olleh A/S ?

Started by amyb72

Bringing a cat to Korea

Started by cari83

F5 visa test questions help

Started by arane

Registering a housing deposit

Started by bucketcheck

F-2 Visa Documents

Started by 29526forever

Korean/English interpreter in Seoul?

Started by EMB

Do bank accounts stay open after you leave?

Started by tfung31

Canadian income tax question

Started by alwaysstriving

Canadian Taxes

Started by ayanniiee

Help Needed !

Started by The 13th Earl

Realistic chances for F6 Visa without much money

Started by Smit

Legal Advice- Can I threaten a coworker with defamation charges?

Started by waywardtimelord

Air con cleaning

Started by lovelife123

E2 Visa? D10 Visa? Confused in Korea

Started by DianeLucille

Wrong Final Entry Date on E-2 Visa

Started by anferns3

Dealing with a Meniscal Tear in Korea

Started by StillInKorea

ARC Updating Address Question (URGENT!)

Started by redx3doggy

Help renting building for small business

Started by septeacher

STD Testing

Started by Melon69

Travel Insurance for a US citizen visiting the US

Started by CliffK

Late to tell immigration about renewing my passport

Started by Noodlesbuster

Asbestos Removal

Started by ryankorea

Small town doctor vs seoul doctor

Started by sberman

Overdrafting a Korean Debit Account

Started by kyletasty

Lost my ARC, could someone use it?

Started by natchac

US divorcee marrying a Korean in Korea

Started by Noodlesbuster

Getting letter of recommendation from co-teacher

Started by patrickinkorea

Daegu Eye clinic?

Started by mjs44321

Cashier's checks - KRS or 송금은행수표

Started by thunderlips


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