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Men's health

Started by The 13th Earl

I have a Korean Driver's license, need International one.

Started by NativeEnglishTeacher82

Customs fees

Started by damof

Is the ARC Card an all-purpose ID? I just got mine today.

Started by french_devil

Compressed air cans?

Started by Astrokiwi

Pension Refund

Started by mrjinglescf

Bringing Prescription Medication Into Korea?

Started by nomad_kate

I'm not exactly sure where to post this..but question about teaching in Korea

Started by VxSapphie

How much r u paying for your gym membership???

Started by kimchi4me

MOVED: Current events service. Does anyone else enjoy CNN as much as I do?

Started by justanotherwaygook

MOVED: Yongsan operating hours

Started by justanotherwaygook

F-4/Dual citizenship confusion for females (someone, help!)

Started by tori88

Questions about teaching english in Korea.

Started by Neozenha

Where To Buy Farewell (Autograph) Books

Started by FalseFace

Banking Advice

Started by megeek23

Gay Discrimination

Started by arlcool2002

Adding pages to passport (Americans)

Started by mruelas

SS Booking: help with booking tickets, KTX, and online shopping for cheaper pric

Started by samuelmp

English speaking dr in Busan

Started by lovewandering

Gmarket in-store pickup

Started by goldleaf

renting your own place

Started by cabear

Female English/Korean Language Exchange

Started by Harpoinseoul

Accessing NH in New Zealand

Started by bawaugh

F-4 Visa

Started by stevenham

Bank hours?

Started by camillac

Want to buy some food in the UK and have it sent here - will customs tax me?

Started by aaandy

Anyone ever changed address with NH bank?

Started by The 13th Earl

Help with accommodation - signing an apartment lease. Need an ARC card?

Started by marshmellow man

Fat burner

Started by Technique

Never Received a Residency Certificate

Started by MilanFan259

Need Help Sending and International Fax

Started by yojoe

Current Nonghyup Banking

Started by KacL

MOVED: Looking for goshiwons in Daegu. Please advise

Started by taeyang

New hot water system installed - now we have no hot water at night.

Started by marshmellow man

First time doing taxes here. Need help!

Started by JPJP

Am I getting ripped off by my landlord?

Started by Omiak

Can you go to a different immigration office?

Started by wayoutinkorea

Whey in Korea?

Started by MoneyMike

ARC (phone, internet, and bank...)

Started by Evander

So what do you all with those 100 won coins?

Started by This guy


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