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E2 Visa? D10 Visa? Confused in Korea

Started by DianeLucille

Wrong Final Entry Date on E-2 Visa

Started by anferns3

Asthma Meds in Pharmacy

Started by mcghe7

Dealing with a Meniscal Tear in Korea

Started by StillInKorea

ARC Updating Address Question (URGENT!)

Started by redx3doggy

Help renting building for small business

Started by septeacher

STD Testing

Started by Melon69

Travel Insurance for a US citizen visiting the US

Started by CliffK

Late to tell immigration about renewing my passport

Started by Noodlesbuster

Asbestos Removal

Started by ryankorea

Small town doctor vs seoul doctor

Started by sberman

Overdrafting a Korean Debit Account

Started by kyletasty

Lost my ARC, could someone use it?

Started by natchac

US divorcee marrying a Korean in Korea

Started by Noodlesbuster

Getting letter of recommendation from co-teacher

Started by patrickinkorea

Daegu Eye clinic?

Started by mjs44321

Cashier's checks - KRS or 송금은행수표

Started by thunderlips

Apple Store English Service

Started by kapusta

Is this legal?

Started by ashwalton

TOPIK-getting started

Started by gurudanny98

Best distance qualifications for returning to UK employment market


Need help with getting copies with immigration

Started by mdespino21

Immigration from Busan to Fukuoka by ferry

Started by jonjstevens

Question About Legal Issue in Korea

Started by Ilsan_dude


Started by BeeBee

Anyone with any experience in small claims court?

Started by StillInKorea

Looking for a Korean Teacher in Jinhae for US Navy officer

Started by amyleb

Good Seoul Psychiatrist?

Started by IcyAaron

psychiatrist info please

Started by beckums

National Insurance health exam

Started by Nokcha

Question about the 30 days Visa Extension

Started by zeanite

Do I have to do an in-person interview at the embassy?

Started by phantomemma

Notorising documents in the UK for job application

Started by KDarbs23

F6 Visa and Pension Questions

Started by phantomemma

Buying an engagement ring question/recommendation

Started by duncanj

Original KEB members...heads up!

Started by Pecan

HIV test Gwangju

Started by abignal18

Requirements for F6 Visa 2015 - Translation/Forms/Requirements/

Started by MaxCat

Canadian GST tax owing

Started by kriztee

Overstay Repercussions

Started by Diekatkomweer


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