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Fixing a Broken kindle screen

Started by crossthebreeze

F-3 spouse Visa question

Started by WellNowWhat

Accessing online banking from outside of Korea

Started by zachINcanada

E2 visa --> Tourist Visa questions

Started by bubblieri2

getting life insurance when moving abroad

Started by bird212

Please help, I need a dog sitter in Iksan or Seoul!!!

Started by tootyfruity

Health check results 'secret'

Started by cwrintmore

Need a series of tests done to diagnose causes of Adrenal Fatigue/insufficiency.

Started by matador

Visa question: D-4 to D-2

Started by Darkmaster

Midnight Run Pension

Started by runningfast

How much to exchange in airport?

Started by bird212

Bringing Home Cigarettes and Alcohol

Started by berniebennybernard

Bringing food and gifts from Canada

Started by Pandy627

seeing a physciatrist in South Korea

Started by Dragonfly45

Pension refund/opting out for non-Americans

Started by joeyg

Lost wallet - ARC, credit card, check card, all cash HELP!!!!

Started by stemarty

What can be purchased with a T-money card?

Started by marshmellow man

Help with selecting which hair treatment to do at a hair salon

Started by curds

E2-2 Visa for TaLK Program

Started by majaki26

Good place to get eye exam and new glasses?

Started by morrisch

Forgot to end cellphone contract before leaving korea....ooops!

Started by reddyrnot1985

Adopting Korean kids

Started by michs

Need Money -> need bank account -> need ARC -> wait 3 weeks

Started by seantheman

Visa extending question

Started by Darkmaster

Palace tours/companies in Seoul

Started by Traveling T.O.

Do passport origin and criminal check origin have to be the same?

Started by elmonoartico

MOVED: Moving Company Info (Seoul TO Gwangju, Jeolla)

Started by taeyang

Latest and Greatest in Korean Cellphones

Started by quiksilver10152

Issues of travelling from Korea to Singapore

Started by streise

Flipping a Car in Korea

Started by jebckr

Re-Signing Contract;Visa Question

Started by alco

Using NH bank to send money after leaving Korea

Started by yinlod

Doctor to diagnose reason for rapid weight gain

Started by sweetkat

taking standardized exams in Korea

Started by CBL3

F4 Visa questions

Started by ajanselmino

Olleh Internet Help

Started by Wintermute

English language moving service?

Started by beibersbrother

Offering Pet Sitting

Started by Chaya

Re-Entry D4

Started by Vintorez

ISO Physical Therapy Closest to Shinchon

Started by eumyang


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