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Can I deal with any KB bank branch other than the one I opened my account with?

Started by Holder

Hernia Surgery over summer vacation?

Started by rocketeerjoe

The easiest way to order online electronics for a foreigner

Started by Sweetrevenge355

MOVED: Internet Contract Takeover (2 years remaining -- 22,000 won per month)

Started by taeyang

Importing/Shipping Car

Started by suntofu

Nonghyup Bank money transfer

Started by Alehanz

Hana Bank Branch open on weekends?

Started by dgordon314

Getting my money from my KB Savings Account when I leave.

Started by Holder

Removing Sliding Door from Hinges

Started by YounguhTchr

What does a Certificate of Residence actually do in terms of taxation?

Started by GinaJie

Making double sided cards

Started by L I

D10 and residence requirement

Started by WellNowWhat

Leaving on E2 visa before ARC card/Visa cancellation

Started by sarahxcore

Went teeth cleaning. Told I have 5 cavities. One needs a root canal. Really?

Started by lynn7

Tax deduction for spouse

Started by sheikhnguyen

Health insurance back home (Americans)

Started by morgainenyl

DUI in Korea and renewing F2 visa

Started by learning_from_my_mistake

125cc and under

Started by sungadio

Breaking of phone/internet contract & visa implications.

Started by karoo_guy

Boxing Gyms in Seoul?

Started by ohitsgary

Gym & Personal Trainer - What, Where, How?

Started by katsy3g4

Need to Find a Moving Company

Started by apancoe

Customs office number?

Started by hchong1

F-4 ARC card expiration?

Started by AngryTypingGuy


Started by QuietColours

KOR-ENG document translation and notarization in Seoul

Started by Freeto

Health check-up questions

Started by KaizenCanadian

How to send electronics overseas

Started by scholes

Citibank branch with English-speaking customer service rep

Started by Freeto

Help for long-lost Korean adoptee seeking family?

Started by leopard

School didn't pay taxes and I'm not exempt: How to file in the US

Started by orangemint

CAVEMAN - no elec, no gas, no water etc

Started by Craash

Are Foreign teachers considered residents of Korea?

Started by mikeD

Japan Visa Run Passport validity question

Started by craigtik

Moving question: What happens with my internet service?

Started by Tulfl2000

Procedure for throwing out couch and other big items at officetel?

Started by RotGutPirate

Landlord breaking lease without notice. Legal question.

Started by joeyg

MOVED: How much money should we take to Australia?

Started by taeyang

iPhone 4S top button replacement

Started by Merv

US Tax Question

Started by Hoosier_Jedi


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