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Inguinal Hernia Repair - Specialist Recommendations

Started by austinv

Moving out of Korea - what's the mail forwarding service called?

Started by Freeto

MOVED: Dress Alterations in Seoul or Gyeonggi-do -Urgent

Started by taeyang

Extreme hairloss et al; possible hypothyroidism and need help!

Started by ecoecho

[Service] Korean and English Tutoring

Started by AAEnglish

Looking for acne fighting agents in Korean.

Started by Artisis

Art Store in korea

Started by Joshua1211

Medical check-up

Started by Korea13

DENTIST... too cheap?

Started by CanineKimchi

Laundry home pick up and delivery service

Started by quan5288

KB banking questions

Started by Embarr

Paying Electric Bill in Convenience Stores

Started by ciannagh

Where to buy prescription sunglasses -good price-recommendations

Started by RotGutPirate

Looking for a cat-sitter! (or such a service)

Started by towl

How can you buy a Jindo dog in Korea?

Started by YounguhTchr

Prints in Korea. Where?

Started by Korea13

Need help with motorcycle test Lvl 2. Will pay.

Started by johnsonrobers1

OK to shut off water?

Started by Wil


Started by ab2rown

Which of the big three mobile carriers do we like?

Started by damof

Korean pension refund when back in the US

Started by gillerae

Anyone have any experience cancelling a phone contract and keeping the phone?

Started by Absenthius


Started by iamrhart

Shipping an item (big/long)

Started by bassooooon1

Recommended Station for Fingerprints?

Started by JeanES

"fit to work" doctor's note/statement

Started by bassooooon1

Renting tools

Started by GreenMan

Going to Korea a second time, same Visa process?

Started by Calber

credit card

Started by alice151

I need help my korean post office won't let me send my tax return to the States

Started by vpluong

Bank for debit-credit card account in Korea

Started by nik2014

Can I travel outside Korea while my E-2 to D-10 visa is being processed?

Started by Korea13

Advice/suggestions buying a condo in Korea.

Started by Pizza

Orthopedic surgeons

Started by HaLo3

can i set up ATM remittance with more than one bank?

Started by taeyang

hydrogen peroxide in korea?

Started by YounguhTchr

Renewing passport whilst at home, Visa help!

Started by Rachyb86

How long is our health insurance good for?

Started by L I

Vulnerable sector police check with the Korean police

Started by katith

Electricity bill for Feb is ₩400,000++!!

Started by Tyedude


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