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Need Advice/Help! Being Fired and Visa Possibly Not Released!

Started by csespene

*URGENT* Help desperately needed in Busan

Started by tommo1980

Looking for One-Way Ticket to States Under $1000

Started by JPinegar


Started by Uncandy

Using Korean plug in UK with adaptor or......?

Started by sleepy

Do I have to go renew my visa in person or can my teacher go with all my info?

Started by Chansu72

Medical check in Yongin/Songnam????

Started by donuts81

Missing gmarket item

Started by curds

Sending pension money home, must be through KEB??

Started by mr_spivak

double dipping for meds - illegal or just sketchy?

Started by teach2learn

Lost Phone, LGu+ Customer service?

Started by Hot6^

Tax Help! Beginning 3rd year and American

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Recommendations for Real Estate Agent (Central Seoul) :)

Started by river

where to get US power strip that's 240V?

Started by coughsod

Woori bank automatic remittance account

Started by KimDuHan

WANTED: Psychiatrist who is open on Saturdays!!

Started by kalashnikov

iPhone Service - New Battery needed

Started by thegreatdanton

Transitioning from EPIK to University... do I need a new FBI check?

Started by Paul_and_Katie


Started by corkireland

Cancelling a lost ATM/debit card

Started by damof

USA taxes with a foreign non-resident spouse... help?

Started by thunderlips

Looking for Korean newspaper (in English) with information on stocks (shares).

Started by marshmellow man

re-entry visa requirements Korea.


Soon to expire passport and visa reissuance

Started by courtlandmiles

E2 visa required documents for San Francisco consulate

Started by eatyoveggies

Woori bank transfer money to canadian credit union

Started by KimDuHan

If someone could please help me answer my question regarding Pension ^^

Started by sammyjoonhee

How to extend tourist visa to more than 90 days?

Started by sandraophilip

Wanting to send money to myself.....

Started by Maggie Magic

Taxes/customs/general advice needed :)

Started by kitcat

IKEA English customer service? Help!

Started by leipanga

Is there a tax on imported items based on the combined value over a year?

Started by gidget

Accessing your Korean Citibank account once you have left Korea.

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Citibank Questions

Started by kate.bakerman

Mobile phone / cell phone bill, (what's good what's bad?)

Started by helppp

Retire in Korea or the UK? Anyone from the UK here?

Started by fdny

UK Taxes and Student loans

Started by penguins0527

anxiety meds in Seoul

Started by beginners_falafel

Best (/most waygook-friendly) banks? [2015]

Started by coughsod

Packages departed US, haven't arrived in Korea?

Started by acousticr


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