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F6 Visa

Started by jeongja2614

F6 visa renewal: expired passport okay?

Started by Dashmaster

Transferring AUD into KRW

Started by seoul123456

Can I use T money card for taxi in Gwangju city?

Started by Alexandrovna

traveling to Tsushima and tourist visa

Started by mook523

Plumber cost

Started by Eros

Handyman Seoul

Started by kait8052

Medical check ARC

Started by drobinson11

Has anybody ever used Hana Money points to pay for airline tickets?

Started by pointman41

CRC for American who has lived in another country for 19 months

Started by parkh120

E2 Visa Questions (For an American)

Started by czarcastic

How can I continue to pay medical insurance after my job finishes?

Started by Taal

How soon can I switch from E2 to tourist visa

Started by okapifire

F6 renewal outside Korea?

Started by Dakgalbi

Opening a Citi bank account

Started by ycradprice

Unable to reserve an appointment for an ARC

Started by TaylorVieira

Opening a Korean bank account without an ARC

Started by juyu2829

Calculating import tax

Started by Aristocrat

Tattoo removal in Seoul

Started by Cyanea

Moving within Korea

Started by ashwalton

Internet Banking Certificate

Started by Lukeroux

Popular Western songs?

Started by Ariadne

Travel agents in Korea?? I'm in a pickle... please advise :D

Started by theman3285

Visa and ARC advice

Started by joshnicolini

VAT on Apartment?

Started by jthib42

Has anyone ever broken a lease?

Started by hangook77

Any experience with defamation lawsuits?

Started by Action Jackson

Most likely got a false positive on the drug test

Started by jjm_8

Need help to find Goshiwon or Hasukjib in Suwon

Started by Sumaira

Looking for a ballroom dance instrutor

Started by Terry D

Moving Advice

Started by cjcar

Housing Loan for Newlyweds

Started by pit23

tax filing questions for americans married to koreans

Started by tanis62458

F5 visa and new passport

Started by FITZGERALD16

Finding Korean Subtitles for Doctor Who

Started by Sasstiel

HIV test as part of medical exam still in South Korea?

Started by waltonalan

Poster tube!!??? Where to buy?

Started by Nokcha

Kakao Bank?

Started by thunderlips

FBI Background Check new method? Electronic Departmental Order (eDO)

Started by CookieCat

Testosterone Test Kit: Where and How?

Started by rsoueidan


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