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Banking in Korea

Started by taeyang


Started by Davey

Sending/Transferring Money Home (FAQ)

Started by sbbaas

Services and Help Posting Policy

Started by jackdaniels

suicide counseling

Started by sidewinder

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First flight (early) from Gimpo airport. Accommodation and transport options?

Started by marshmellow man

ketostix in Korean pharmacy?

Started by gtrain83

Looking for a maths tutor in Daegu (service)

Started by helppp


Started by Justawaygook411

North american Visa (credit card)

Started by Uncandy

Procedure for throwing out couch and other big items at officetel?

Started by RotGutPirate

Renewing Citibank certificate after leaving Korea

Started by b1i2a3

Where can I buy american crew products?

Started by farzshmarz

$46 withdrawal fee using travel debit card from South Africa. Need help!

Started by JustJay

Вижу пламя в вас я победное?

Started by rocky11111

연소 on water heater?

Started by seoulopathy

₩500,000 in tax. Arrgh!

Started by Peekay1982

가계약 - putting a hold on a house

Started by AngryTypingGuy

"Controlled" medication- Can anyone recommend a doctor?

Started by waygook2016

"fit to work" doctor's note/statement

Started by bassooooon1

"Pausing" a phone contract?

Started by hanrei

"Proof" of Korean Health Insurance (US-related)

Started by moonbrie

"Vice Principal will come"

Started by barkera

(Voluntary) Comprehensive Health Check-up?

Started by moldprince


Started by Beckz

*URGENT* Help desperately needed in Busan

Started by tommo1980


Started by taskinst


Started by cat-herder


Started by bobrocket


Started by jonsnow80

125cc and under

Started by sungadio

2 month notice, pension, airport

Started by katana028

2 month Travel Insurance wanted!

Started by joeyg

2 Phone Contracts with 2 Different Companies?

Started by sideofjustice

2015 F-4 Visa (Re-application in Seoul) Any significant changes?

Started by recordingtime

250,000 won water bill - please help!

Started by anna.rpo

2nd time in Korea. Do I have to pay tax again?

Started by robbb3490

5 - 10% charge for using you your credit card for foreign currency payments?

Started by Aristocrat

6166 form?

Started by tausha12

70,000₩ health check clinic near gangnam

Started by raider576


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