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Hate crime against special needs teen broadcast live on Facebook

Started by CDW

So, how much was the wall again?

Started by sligo

Interview with Donald Trump

Started by andy80

President Trump's Inauguration

Started by CDW

waygo0k and waygookkorea's Big Stupid Debate Thread!!!

Started by waygookkorea

CNN interview with Congresswoman backfires as she proves Obama funded ISIS

Started by Aurata

How's the US economy nowadays?

Started by weigookin74

State health care for pregnant Korean spouse

Started by DIE5EL

America is letting too many people vote, no doubt

Started by waygookkorea

Politics destroys The Simpsons :(

Started by waygookkorea

Vaccine sceptic Robert F Kennedy Jr says Trump asked him to lead safety study

Started by orionchocopie

What Will You Do If Trump Becomes President?

Started by jaysoon17

The Tiffany Martínez case and journalistic malpractice in the first degree

Started by CDW

Samsung Top-Load Washing Machines Recalled Due to Risk of Impact Injuries

Started by vietpham

Comey/wikileaks have created a crazy situation

Started by waygookkorea

Documentary: Pimp City

Started by CDW

White person holds gun at police...

Started by vietpham

Who will you vote for in November?

Started by janelle_j

This police thing is getting out of hand

Started by waygookkorea

Does personal responsibility exist in the U.S.?

Started by waygookkorea

Another new tax form for Americans abroad

Started by CDW

Tulsa Shooting

Started by CDW

Americans being arrested for defaulting on student loans

Started by CDW

What's up with all the drug use in New England?

Started by weigookin74

Health Care Back Home

Started by Embarr

I'm American and I got called upon for jury duty.

Started by defenderoftherealm

Ryan Lochte story animated

Started by maximmm

All remaining charges dropped in the Freddie Gray case

Started by CDW

Zimmerman's gun sold for $138,900

Started by CDW

U.S. Rep. Steve King Asks,"What have Nonwhites Done for Civilization?"

Started by seoil

Dallas Black Lives Matter Rally turns into a horrific shooting

Started by Teemowork

4 years of Trump or 8 years of Clinton?

Started by propudge

SIM card for G3 or iphone 4s in U.S.

Started by OnNut81

Three police officers killed, three injured in Baton Rouge

Started by CDW

FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton. Email server issue.

Started by raysmith

Stanford rape case: Brock Turner given six-month sentence due to...

Started by misfit

Police officer tases a teenager until he went into cardiac arrest

Started by misfit

Worst Mass Shooting in US History

Started by CDW

Teacher Ready Florida ESOL test

Started by brenng87

"Returning to the American Job Market after departing from Korea."

Started by Good Will Riker


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