Pictures, Blogs, & Video-blogs (new)!  - Post links to your favourite blogs or just write your own blog here. It doesn't have to be related to Korea. 

Youtube Seoul Ferry And Other Videos

Started by tomoakleaf

Dermatology, Cosmetic, & Aesthetic Services in Korea for Foreigners

Started by nomadicmadda

First North Korean Musical

Started by tomoakleaf

Korean wife in America (and working!) writes a blog to help others get started

Started by oskinny1

Apartment Tours (Jeollanamdo/JLP)

Started by nomadicmadda

Incheon to Busan Cycle Trip and Vlog

Started by ljrobs

Digital Painting Basics

Started by stansitwell

Pokemon 2000 with Korean Subtitles

Started by cavs28

Everything Illustrating and Digital Painting

Started by stansitwell

The annoying loudspeaker trucks driving around my neighborhood...

Started by hiphopopotamus

Season three already?

Started by tomoakleaf

DistrictGal: Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Journalism, CityLife, Local Seoul Gems...

Started by DistrictGal

No. 1 Guesthoues in Seoul with Amazing Roof top views.

Started by tomoakleaf

To the Nations Worldwide - Make a Travel Map, Promote, and Share Your Travels

Started by plet9090

Frouple in South Korea - Blog

Started by KelzXor


Started by YoungMin


Started by hwana

I am trying to create a resource for martial artist. Join this FB group.

Started by defenderoftherealm

How would YOUR girlfriend / boyfriend react to this Korean drinking game?

Started by hiphopopotamus

District Gal: Style Tips, Street Fashion, Local Gem Shops, People and more....

Started by yvettegcruz1

YouTube Channel - Seoul videos (mostly food lol)

Started by seoulopathy

Cooking blog: Spoon in a Saucepan

Started by tinkerbellmaggie

CL "Hello Bitches" Dance Cover

Started by hiphopopotamus

New blog written between 3 friends

Started by hockeyguard

Paparazzi Selfie Prank in Korea video

Started by hiphopopotamus

Rafiqua Israel Express - Korea & Asia travel blog

Started by Rafiqua

Movie and Subtitles Blog

Started by scerica

Korean Street "hugging" prank

Started by hiphopopotamus

How to learn language and travel in the digital age - GlobalMates Videos

Started by rufio1

The Adventure of Timmy and The Blue Balls

Started by Zealot_Hill

60's 70's & 80's babies: We made it

Started by tamjen

Expat playing Nunchi Game on Daegu Subway with Random Locals

Started by hiphopopotamus

10min clip of my first 6 months in Korea

Started by mchoem

Karli in Korea: Wanderings in Korea and All Over

Started by Makino - Travel Writing on Korea and as much of Asia as Possible

Started by DukeStewartWrites

Cory May - YouTube videos about Seoul

Started by corymay81

Topical Blog on China

Started by dklskov

Korean Travel Bingo video

Started by hiphopopotamus

Add travel suggestions for countries in SE Asia.

Started by bhogj


Started by teacherdee


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