Adult Lessons  - Here you can find lessons geared specifically for adults of all levels, whether it be a Teacher's class or one-on-one tutoring. 

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What should I do during my teachers workshop?

Started by Brian

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Adult Listening Drills

Started by Janitor

four corners powerpoint

Started by ericthanhtran

Book suggestions for Teacher class.

Started by MaximusPrime

Customizable (taking request) & new Downloadable Lessons (travel,grammar,&convo)

Started by thomwiley23


Started by sarahlan

Do I need Teachers guide & class CD for American English file, cutting edge etc?

Started by Applemint

Cleaning Lesson - Act and write your own advert

Started by janet1992

does anyone know of a good appointment/bis. english conversation book?

Started by daggles


Started by janet1992

Kids in the Hall Things to do lesson

Started by bb

New Rule for Motorbike Motorcycle or Moped lesson

Started by munchkin

Binomial Pairs Lessons

Started by Mr C

Ventures level 3

Started by Suwonnewbie

Make up lesson! great for women/teen girls tuition -low level

Started by janet1992

Tutoring class with one high-level speaker and one false beginner. Help!

Started by sisususi

Internet Piracy Unit

Started by Captain Corea


Started by drmoje

Desperate Housewives (ep. 1/ s 1)

Started by mystic951

Adult learners - Japanese tsunami

Started by cwrintmore

Any expert advice on teaching TOEIC Listening and Reading comprehension?

Started by Good Will Riker

IELTS Center in Seoul

Started by ch1253

Lesson on Cities

Started by janet1992

advice on teaching businessman

Started by aconway

HELP! Testing teachers' level for workshop

Started by saigonladie

Help with planning Essay/Report Writing Lessons

Started by samhw00

Poetry lesson for esl Adults

Started by janet1992

‘General labour English' - Request for teaching resources

Started by bmsteacher

Home Protection

Started by Captain Corea

Job Interview Lesson Prep

Started by katielane18

Dust Unit

Started by Captain Corea

Adult Education for the Illiterate

Started by daejeondarryn

Videos for students of all ages who need help with simple VOCABULARY.

Started by jayroberts

Advanced Business Writing

Started by firebreaker

Short lil' lesson on 'who' expressions

Started by bb

any recommendations? (beginner's textbook)

Started by flyhigh869

Assessing Co-Teacher

Started by mystic951

Of Mice and Men discussion

Started by JenniferTeacher

English classes for parents

Started by frannas85

Poetry- Inter/Adv

Started by neelbo1


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