Adult Lessons  - Here you can find lessons geared specifically for adults of all levels, whether it be a Teacher's class or one-on-one tutoring. 

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What should I do during my teachers workshop?

Started by Brian

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Teaching the Principal. Advice?

Started by 제이

After School Teachers Class Resource Guide

Started by ACCUTTA

advice on teaching businessman

Started by aconway

Simple Poems for Adults

Started by afitz

Books with Korean explanations of grammar

Started by afraley

For if you have workshop with other English teachers.

Started by albinoninja

TED Talk - English Mania

Started by albinoninja

A+ Answer Worksheet - improve writing and speaking with this simple formula

Started by aloree


Started by aloree

RESUME Lesson plan and rubric

Started by aloree

Konglish Crossword

Started by aloree

student self assessment

Started by amammoon

Teaching teachers (beginners)

Started by AndyR

Teacher's Workshop - Stephen Harper Government

Started by ant-honey

Do I need Teachers guide & class CD for American English file, cutting edge etc?

Started by Applemint

Low Intermediate Teacher's Class: Cosmetics

Started by ariybird

Survey of your adult students

Started by arosesg

Canadian film: One Week

Started by arshea

ESPT Preparation class

Started by ayanet

Adult conversation class

Started by babyandroid

Energy drinks discussion for conversation class

Started by babyandroid

Discussion lesson about Samsung profitability in 2014

Started by baedaebok

Short lil' lesson on 'who' expressions

Started by bb

Kids in the Hall Things to do lesson

Started by bb

TOEIC speaking

Started by bcourser

Parent's Winter Camp for six weeks....has anyone done this before?

Started by bden011

Adult beginners

Started by beach_bum

Restaurant Role play

Started by beckster119

Can I upload my lesson plans that use questions from a book I purchased?

Started by believeinblue

Public Speaking course

Started by Ben1981

Adult class books recommendations.

Started by Bestline7

Mixed level teachers' class, only 1-2 students - HELP!

Started by bluehermione

‘General labour English' - Request for teaching resources

Started by bmsteacher

Teacher Workshop

Started by BoseongBanessa

Adult Class - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2)

Started by bparon

Teaching the.... Parents?

Started by bree

Perceptions of Beauty (from JLP Resource Book)

Started by Brian

interactive adult lessons

Started by brian7

Teacher's Class - Songs

Started by busanite


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