Adult Lessons  - Here you can find lessons geared specifically for adults of all levels, whether it be a Teacher's class or one-on-one tutoring. 

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What should I do during my teachers workshop?

Started by Brian

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Another Workshop idea

Started by Virginia

Teacher's Workshop - Stephen Harper Government

Started by ant-honey

Teachers lesson intro

Started by cmpben002

Teacher Workshop: Heroes

Started by Namarie

Elementery Level Adult Classes

Started by shakaraw3

Energy drinks discussion for conversation class

Started by babyandroid

Adult conversation class

Started by babyandroid

Adult learners - Japanese tsunami

Started by cwrintmore

Teacher Writing Class - Writing subject

Started by sassneggs

Low Intermediate Teachers' Class: The Beatles

Started by CellarDoor

Sampoong Department Store Lesson

Started by orangeman


Started by waygookshawn

Poetry- Inter/Adv

Started by neelbo1

English classes for parents

Started by frannas85

Presentation on British Society, History, Culture, Pastimes

Started by londone7

HELP! Testing teachers' level for workshop

Started by saigonladie

Business man lesson

Started by Natesk8

advice on teaching businessman

Started by aconway


Started by aloree

Education [ Lesson ]

Started by leo fuchigami

Mr. Bean Invisible Drum Kit

Started by PBJ

Limericks (Poetry) Lesson

Started by miss match

Home Protection

Started by Captain Corea

History of King James Bible and popular phrases originated in the Bible

Started by jaybird

Simple Poems for Adults

Started by afitz

‘General labour English' - Request for teaching resources

Started by bmsteacher

Slang & Some Canadian Terminology

Started by glaurung8

Bullying Unit

Started by Captain Corea

New Rule for Motorbike Motorcycle or Moped lesson

Started by munchkin


Started by ladymp22

Adult Education for the Illiterate

Started by daejeondarryn

teaching songs.

Started by wajowens

adult greetings dialouge

Started by seanb27

Adult lesson - Greetings and Introductions

Started by v_kcin

My best adult class

Started by Catherine Dowie

Simple yet effective activity

Started by japanimation

Canadian film: One Week

Started by arshea

SMS Text Talk presentation and activity

Started by gjwilliams1980

Short lil' lesson on 'who' expressions

Started by bb


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