Adult Lessons  - Here you can find lessons geared specifically for adults of all levels, whether it be a Teacher's class or one-on-one tutoring. 

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What should I do during my teachers workshop?

Started by Brian

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Another Workshop idea

Started by Virginia

Teacher's Classes

Started by sojomojo

Adult workshop (John Mayer Song "Why Georgia"

Started by deweybeach

Any book recommendations for an advanced teacher's class?

Started by kimjoohui

Perceptions of Beauty (from JLP Resource Book)

Started by Brian

General Teacher Conversation Classes

Started by kjoy

Help! Low level Parents class that doesn't want to do anything

Started by michin_migukin

Teaching Teachers

Started by strangeconceits

Teacher's Lesson- Starting a conversation

Started by shea.karssing

FUN maths problem for Teachers/Older student class

Started by forever

Teaching English to teachers and parents

Started by JessicaFisk1

Teacher Workshop

Started by BoseongBanessa

Teacher's Workshop - Stephen Harper Government

Started by ant-honey

Adult Class Outline

Started by Ectofuego

Needing Ideas - Teacher's Class

Started by sassneggs


Started by sonya

Very mixed teacher's class please help!!

Started by dldavislee

Teachers lesson intro

Started by cmpben002

Teacher's Workshops

Started by jscheuring

Teacher Workshop: Heroes

Started by Namarie

teaching homeroom teachers english

Started by jkim7609

Elementery Level Adult Classes

Started by shakaraw3

Teacher's Class

Started by curly gurl

Teacher Workshop: Plastic Surgery

Started by Namarie

Teacher Workshops: Pronunciation Resource

Started by Rora

Teachers' workshop: BBC news article on Korean immigration to the US

Started by sambelina78

Cockney rhyming slang - teachers' workshop

Started by sambelina78

English classes for the teachers

Started by rogue85

Mixed-level Teacher's Class Lesson

Started by jderrida

Adult Class - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2)

Started by bparon

Energy drinks discussion for conversation class

Started by babyandroid

Adult conversation class

Started by babyandroid

Teacher Workshop: Bhaz Lurman Wear Sunscreen

Started by Namarie

Parent Class

Started by Koreak

Teaching teachers (beginners)

Started by AndyR

Teaching Non-English Teachers

Started by htan611

Teacher Writing Class: Need some ideas!

Started by sassneggs

Parents Classes

Started by K04

Extra Teacher's Class on How to Teach Students Speaking/Writing

Started by dee829


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