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Zero as a plural

Started by tamjen

why the sentence "Mike teaches to us English this year" is incorrect.

Started by jimwall5

lose the path?

Started by smilekoo87

Lesson Plan Application..ALSO, GEPIK vs EPIK?

Started by geneveeev

1st and 2nd grader afterschool/day care curriculum

Started by pokute

English related field trip ideas for summer camp needed please~~~

Started by smun50

Stumped on end of semester rewards

Started by Periwinkle

"As if" conditional and past perfect subjunctive

Started by Tinsley

Student's workbook questions

Started by Schellib39

Video Explaining Definite and Indefinite Articles

Started by AlaricKorea

Standardized English tests and appropriate curriculum.

Started by michaels

Book Suggestion for middle school writing class

Started by fishgills

making an indirect question

Started by smilekoo87

TEPS Question

Started by Schellib39

Fun and simple Indie/Pop Song for Adult Class

Started by Cakemix

Is the word "Sexy" appropriate for 3-5th graders?

Started by riceboy77

Teaching a please.

Started by rollthedice26

what's the difference between would later write and wrote later

Started by smilekoo87

Struggling with 7 year seconds

Started by Lahiho

clothes plural or singular

Started by ssycor

Exam grammar problem

Started by adambennett

Very first open class...

Started by rita2001

1st and 2nd grade elementary student driving me crazy. Help!

Started by amgoalng

Which fraction is less/greater? Color the less fraction orange.

Started by jaysoon17

be / get / become

Started by ssycor

wouldn't have got a cold vs. couldn't have got a cold

Started by ssycor

Please take a look at this test question.

Started by mizzupink

Unusual test question

Started by Jeffwa

When making comparisons - pronouns and possessive pronouns

Started by Schellib39

Their Appearance or Appearances

Started by jaysoon17

Take a test / Do a test

Started by Schellib39

took myself a better person?

Started by everafter85

Teaching the Short /i/ sound

Started by Jmessler

wake(s) up versus wake (noun/possessive noun) up

Started by SKhero

can't vs won't

Started by daehanguk

suit / suits

Started by Cranberryopah

Each country of bicycle retention..... Any grammar wizards out there?

Started by MisterFart

Mixed-age afterschool class advice

Started by pixelOwl

'have to' vs 'must'

Started by daehanguk

Death by Powerpoint?

Started by daehanguk


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