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My year finished, here's some advice for new elementary teachers.

Started by heyisa

Newspaper PREZI presentation search

Started by Torea Korea

My kids learn more English from first-person shooters than class. Is that bad?

Started by MFraiman

Ambiguous exam answers - help

Started by tallullah

Looking for "Pirates with the coloured beards" song

Started by adlez

'We finally came home at midnight' - Find the adverb

Started by english_teacha84

Quick grammar question (correct use of "movement")

Started by Tpre022

How do you explain ordinal numbers?

Started by bormay

Size vs height

Started by kyndo

2012 수능: Proving again Koreans can't teach English

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

Heeeeellllllllpp please!!!

Started by Za

Two is enough/Two are enough?

Started by laineylam

because of?

Started by twitch

Assessing students you see once a week

Started by wtoddm

hanged vs hung

Started by tomos

"Brought up" grammar question

Started by probablylauren

Food Inc. - Korean subtitles

Started by peanuts72

Knowing all the students' name is very important

Started by skyscent79

Calling Grammar Gurus! 4 Questions

Started by Florence7

"training wear"

Started by Scooter

Culture Help

Started by M_Lisette

Seen a book named "ESL"?

Started by Jimmer

Movie for Grade 6 and 5?

Started by timmahh

Can you figure out the answer to this exam question?

Started by ArmoredButterfly

Dustin or anyone, How do you play the "Slap Game"?

Started by dune321

Grammar question from a co-teacher, I don't know the answer....

Started by Schellib39

Helpful resources/books for conversation classes with High-School students

Started by col89

What games to buy for elementary students?

Started by adlez

Were/had been

Started by juliehrrs

Funny Youtube Videos for 3rd Grade?

Started by GreenFloyd

Breaking a students "monotone"

Started by Shinsegae

Were/had been

Started by juliehrrs

Ideas for projects for Grade 6

Started by Jonny Be Good

Text books for 1st grade (High School) writing class?

Started by jameshbarnett


Started by wtoddm

Korean Books

Started by musiclemur

teaching two 6 y.o. boys

Started by aldritg

I am running out of ideas! Please help!

Started by BradinKorea

Past tense of spit

Started by SAment56

Where is the thread with the action pics/cards?

Started by matthews_world


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