Summer/Winter Camp Lessons  - Multi-varied section for summer and winter camp lessons. 

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camp textbooks - download here

Started by Brian

Harry Potter Camp

Started by Dyl

Camp Cooking - Recipes and Teaching Materials

Started by Maureen

Exploring Our World Camp

Started by sheila

Camp Index - COMPLETE

Started by shhowse

Detective Camp!

Started by whitespider

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Volleyball for camp

Started by 0mnslnd

4theLastminuteCampPlanner: Chess day

Started by 0mnslnd

Most successful fun activity you've done

Started by 6colorbracelet

Winter Camp for Elementary grade!

Started by 7Suarez7

lesson theme: poverty

Started by ab2rown

Help! Need ideas for a gr 3/4 camp, on tough topics like poverty, war, ect

Started by ab2rown

summer camp lesson

Started by aba43

Winter writing camp

Started by achin87

30-hour Winter Camp

Started by acousticr

Running Man review day for Winter/Summer Camp

Started by AD0m89

80-minute New Zealand / Maori camp

Started by adelle56

High school one day random camp

Started by adelle56

4 Day Detective Camp

Started by adelle56

How do you buy textbooks?

Started by adr1083

Movies or TV shows for Summer Camp

Started by aemaier

High School Story Book Camp - Ideas?

Started by afraley

Alice in Wonderland Camp

Started by AGMS_Superstar

Cooking/Science Camp (Butter and Solar Oven)

Started by ahnh87

Winter camp- How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Started by Airbud

Summer camp suggestions

Started by AiRiKaH

Help with a Reading Lesson

Started by airrazr1986

School Subjects in English Camp ("Let's Get Brainy!" Camp)

Started by AJ2

Advice for New Teachers doing Winter/Summer Camps

Started by ajn

Making a trading card camp, open to suggestions

Started by ajr30

Elem. Trading Card Camp (Triple Triad style game)

Started by ajr30

Board Game Camp

Started by ajr30

Legends of the Hidden Temple (Elem LVL)

Started by ajr30

Poetry Camp

Started by aklimkewicz

Where the Wild Things Are/ Make a Monster

Started by aldalpre

Countries/Capitals/Flags Game

Started by alexjking89

Winter Mafia Camp Idea: Input appreciated

Started by alljokingaside

Anyone want to collaborate on a camp?

Started by am10ba

Winter camp for Technical HS

Started by amanda1407

Making Companies Winter Camp HS

Started by amanda1407


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