Summer/Winter Camp Lessons  - Multi-varied section for summer and winter camp lessons. 

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Camp Index - COMPLETE

Started by shhowse

camp textbooks - download here

Started by Brian

Camp Cooking - Recipes and Teaching Materials

Started by Maureen

Exploring Our World Camp

Started by sheila

Detective Camp!

Started by whitespider

Harry Potter Camp

Started by Dyl

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Hermes English Camp - "Culture" What would you like?

Started by ucla_all_the_way

English Solider student certificate

Started by MikesFace2

garage sale

Started by Erica

Library Lesson Plan

Started by shakaraw3

Theme English

Started by wesharris6

Solar System Model

Started by tyson.monk


Started by Helena23

MOVED: Great idea for winter camp but also interchangable for summer!!

Started by taeyang

Lilo and Stitch worksheets - 4th grade

Started by YouBetcha

2 weeks of material!! Based on location situations

Started by thankQ

need ideas for movies

Started by beano1982

Flea Market, or Shopping, or Price is Right

Started by ryguyi87

Cool style theme lesson for camp - makeup and fashion

Started by janet1992

Canada Prez

Started by Michael22

Ice Age Worksheet (3rd + 4th grade)

Started by jlewin

Broken Files

Started by iggyb

me me ABC song - winter camp for 3,4rd

Started by Limkyuhee

Cartoon Network

Started by janina.theron

Awesome cooking lessons! Chicken kebabs and more - free downloads

Started by janet1992

Toilet Paper Art or Toilet Paper Castle? What Should I Do?

Started by jaysoon17

cool dubbing/voice over lesson!

Started by janet1992

Culture and Arts

Started by RhettTeacher1

Culture and Arts - Homer

Started by RhettTeacher1

culture and art - Mona Lisa

Started by RhettTeacher1


Started by peteclem

lesson plan for winter camp

Started by sujin8787

Summer Camp Idea

Started by gaogao

movie suggestions?

Started by hellllostrange

Numbers game, worksheet, and survey

Started by julie79n

Clock template designs summer camp

Started by julie79n

Interview prep camp for 5 low-level high school girls - ideas?

Started by Ben1981

Newspaper Camp for High-Level Elementary

Started by Justineh888

Summer Theater Camp.

Started by tausha12

Playing around - summer camp filled with games.

Started by peanutbotter


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