Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

fruits and vegetables for 1st graders (easy)

Started by nothinglastsforever84

Middle School English 1 (Johanna L. Haas) *new book*

Started by thunderlips

Easy Introduction Lesson

Started by RHall

Canadian Diversity Lesson

Started by wheely29

Quick Icebreaker

Started by ksokolow

First week lesson ideas (not first time meeting students)

Started by stamerjam

Rock Paper Scissors Lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by Bullit

MOVED: Moderators---Enough users of Jeong Sa Yeol Middle School English 1 for thread?

Started by JeremyC

Our Own Fairy Tale Ending (Script Writing and Drama Performance)

Started by stemarty

"Disasters: A Conversation Lesson"

Started by cwhetsell

Scary Halloween Class

Started by KevinTeacher84

The Simpsons Halloween II - Treehouse of Horror II (with questions)

Started by yitzike

Halloween Lesson with Modern Family

Started by Catfish

Science and Technology

Started by aalexandromoreno

A general Halloween PPT and activity

Started by wasserjp

Halloween Minesweeper

Started by jenilyn8705

Successful People Who Failed A Bunch of Times

Started by jaysoon17

Lesson Plan: articles, definite and indefinite usage

Started by ameryd

New Halloween Lesson

Started by ahartley288

Mr. Bean plus bomb game

Started by akw87

Happy Fall/Asking An Opinion Lesson With Simpsons Game

Started by kschaeffer

Halloween Lesson & Game

Started by andymaw11

Some great Game Templates for Post Exam Easiness

Started by stemarty

personality lesson

Started by locks

My Open Class for Middle School Boys Grade 1 Advance Robots

Started by IzEFunni

"Animation Speed Quiz"

Started by cwhetsell

Emotional Expressions

Started by ah000

easy family lesson

Started by MysticOrange27

Celebrity/K-Pop Family Lesson

Started by korr


Started by a3

help- tiny class middle afterschool (1 terrible, 1 good)

Started by korea20122012

Memory Test

Started by thunderlips

Marry Me - Ellegarden song lesson and activities

Started by geoffteacher

Afterschool lesson - Likes/dislikes, Present simple, languages and nationalities

Started by unicornrustler

Debate Topics

Started by cg1419

"Prediction' lesson plan

Started by jholzworth

Falling Slowly - song lesson and activities

Started by geoffteacher

Dancin Queen - ABBA song lesson and activities

Started by geoffteacher

Sunny - Boney M

Started by geoffteacher

Upside Down - A Teens song lesson and activities

Started by geoffteacher


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