Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 


Started by Socrates2080

After mid-term

Started by Socrates2080

Going on a Treasure Hunt - Rhyme with Hand Motions

Started by Sarah Hartzell

Bonus Round

Started by Socrates2080

Grade 3 Middle - 'How Could You?' (Animal Abuse)

Started by Irish Steve

New Game. Fun idea but can't get triggers to work.

Started by stemarty

General Knowledge/Idioms Quiz - Using Avengers game template

Started by suraj444

After test quiz

Started by jeonjubibimbap

USB issues

Started by Megan1606

Fun speaking activities for after school class?

Started by nzaslow

MOVED: Amazon Shipping

Started by justanotherwaygook

Food and Pronunciation Game

Started by TigerKitty1985

5 Senses: Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch & Hearing

Started by kgibilte

MOVED: Lesson 1: My Dream, My Job

Started by sheila

Let's Travel - Where the Hell is Matt Lesson

Started by pcunit2009

oral english topic- The Odd One Out Game

Started by elveaho

Game/activity suggestions for 2 kids?

Started by jackyg123

Man vs. Food

Started by kahikigirl

Fact of Fiction? Guessing Bomb Game (Mr. Bean themed)

Started by stemarty

Review PPT - Efficient/Effective, Advertising, Shopping

Started by HangukYeonghwa

Fast paced games lesson

Started by suraj444

Co-teacher - "more speaking time"

Started by superhaz

Other Middle School textbooks

Started by rexbaylon

"Stress!: A Conversation Lesson"

Started by cwhetsell

Leo's Unreleased (Old) Lessons

Started by leo fuchigami

English Menu for Class

Started by Tulfl2000

A year's worth of 3rd grade lessons

Started by mtnbk13

Just me, or Middle school students nuts (?)

Started by cjalalos

GR2 lesson 2 Dessert of the world

Started by smiling123

Band Poster project

Started by miriah.lawrence

Simple (but fun) game: Why? Because.

Started by annekat

Let's make a deal game (Simpsons themed)

Started by stemarty

K-Pop Slam DS! A new K-Pop Game for the new semester.

Started by robvandan

Halloween Riddles 1st grade middle school

Started by thedudepeters

One-page fun handouts??

Started by KMH456

Save Princess Peach! - RPG rescue scenario

Started by stemarty

Months and dates

Started by toddingumi

Springtime Lesson

Started by GengisPenguin

American Customs and Etiquette

Started by cg1419

Writing Practice Lesson

Started by keenakang


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