Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

After School Conversation books

Started by ah000


Started by Chuckthebear

Types of sports

Started by Shezza

"seems to"/"it seems that" lesson

Started by native_paradox

easy internet/cellphone lingo lesson

Started by MysticOrange27

Profiling a Criminal

Started by cadeakers

Middle School English 3 Lesson 1 Jeopardy Lesson

Started by fasterisbest

More than words

Started by claudiaq87

Lesso 9: How to do you spend your allowance (1st grade middle school)

Started by kennyalison

Lesson plan - intro for performance anxiety topic

Started by longwayround

MSE 2 L 4 Advertisements

Started by jeonjubibimbap

i want it all - queen

Started by narkorecordings

20 minute Day of the Dead Lesson

Started by hilgurl402

Burning Man Festival Lesson

Started by BrittanyB

"California Culture: A Conversation Lesson"

Started by cwhetsell

Music Videos to manage classes

Started by elisa_mh

Fun and easy St. Patrick's Day Writing Activity

Started by lennonloverlady

Good videos/clips to demonstrate acting

Started by jauntwithjo

Disney Cartoons (and History)

Started by stemarty


Started by krrobert

World Capitals Jeopardy & Relative Adverb "Where"

Started by RAKincaide


Started by chocos0

Size Vocabulary Prezi

Started by vmajeika

Middle School 3rd Year Unit 2 - Teen Years

Started by kahikigirl

Middle School English 1 Lesson 1 Jeopardy Lesson

Started by fasterisbest

3 part preposition, adv preposition, and building instructions

Started by Super Nathan

How do you get to school? (methods of transport)

Started by hwana

Food Opinions

Started by mrsamandab

Subject-Verb Agreement Lesson

Started by Marc Beezy

Pen Pal Exchange

Started by jaybird


Started by Jason700

Grade 3 review

Started by LemonWater

Mario Bingo Game!

Started by andych85

get a haircut

Started by narkorecordings

What's the Time?

Started by discoinfiltrator

English Writing Competitions

Started by NicoleC

Feelings - Middle School Grades 1+2

Started by psJohnny7

Lesson plan for direction part

Started by ysyfox

Birthdays Around The World

Started by amandas

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2 strip lyric song

Started by srichard1


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