Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Guess who game

Started by AGMS_Superstar

Food Unit (3-4 weeks of lessons)

Started by waltre

Food & Nutrition Lesson Plan

Started by 110226255

Food and Restaurants

Started by joeg

Facial Hair / Hair Styles

Started by rugbymad

Travel Lesson (for Open Class)

Started by wango

Fear of Flying: Short Video, vocabulary and worksheet.

Started by sarahteacher3

another"Would you rather..." activity

Started by english-omg

Some Games I Found Online That Don't Need Technology

Started by Orange_Thief

"Would you rather?" activity

Started by artwalknoon

Crazy Situations: What Would You Do? Minimal Prep Lesson

Started by nebulasprout

Climate change/Global Warming

Started by thunderlips


Started by reddyrnot1985

A Tim Burton Observation Lesson

Started by Harry Yeong

Halloween Adjectives and Mystery Box Experience

Started by klstarr1012

Super Mario Bomb Game - My magnum opus

Started by mryogurt892

re: middle school comparative, superlative and then South Africa cultural lesson

Started by SarafinaTeacher

Teacher Rick's awesome Halloween game- adapted for middle school

Started by rdh2209

Lesson 04-05 - Sharks

Started by gidget

Halloween Cartoon - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Started by Yeti

Successful low-prep classes for unmotivated gr2 after-school

Started by Ben1981

Open Class Frustrations

Started by 110226255

Guess Who lesson (describing and making questions)

Started by melissa2009

ZOMBIES [ Lesson ]

Started by leo fuchigami

Post our funny English subtitle song here:

Started by Smaug

2 hour after school class.... ideas?

Started by stemarty

MOVED: K-Pop Game (Cookie Edition)

Started by justanotherwaygook

Speaking (Pronunciation) and Listening Practice

Started by chocolateshogun

"seems to"/"it seems that" lesson

Started by native_paradox

London Underground Directions Challenge Game

Started by dsob

I have a basic idea of what I want to teach, but need suggestions

Started by TheNightManCometh

First Day Panic

Started by QuietColours

Free Throw Shootout - Basketball Game for Favorites

Started by miscreantinblack

How Often Do You Do It?

Started by apantelmann

Body Language PPT with Worksheet

Started by klorptar

More ideas for learning about movies?

Started by morgainenyl

Whose line -helping hands

Started by loretta

Resonant Frequency lesson for advanced students

Started by jeffmckenna26@yahoo.com

Mixed Korean/Japanese Class (Advice)

Started by Ichi

Learning English with K-pop songs

Started by dtninja831


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