Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Jeollabukdo Province- 2nd Grade-Lesson 8- Animal Partners

Started by JamericanTeacher

Jeollabukdo Province- 1st Grade-Lesson 8- Break a Leg

Started by JamericanTeacher

New Garfield Comic Post

Started by i_am_a_toaster

Countries guessing game GR1, basic to Advanced

Started by esti_strydom

Second lesson per chapter

Started by David_2h

Christian H. Kim Lesson Plan and PPT: 2nd Grade Lesson 10

Started by WoodyAndArloNotBuzz

Grade 1 Lesson 1

Started by arhwarang

Warm-up- memory game

Started by Seoulian

Arbor Day Lesson

Started by SarafinaTeacher


Started by swansonadventure

What are youplanning to do?

Started by amandas

Giving Advice

Started by JamesA

Christian H. Kim Grade 2 Lesson 1

Started by WoodyAndArloNotBuzz

Save the Planet (Grade 2 Jumping Kids)

Started by chloejn

Middle School grade 3: Lesson 2

Started by jenhchoi

Lesson to hit while the iron is hot

Started by Russell Josey


Started by emaynard12

After School Conversation books

Started by ah000

Middle School Books by Lynch Richard William

Started by Napkins11

Famous Places

Started by JamesA


Started by grete319


Started by grete319

Free rice Choi lesson plans

Started by jwoon

vocab words and grammar rules from lesson 6 for the 1st graders(doosan-KIM)

Started by eternal0518

mystery lesson

Started by faithietaylor

Special class - Video teaching a random school!

Started by LockStock

Etiquette - Canada vs. Japan [ Lesson Plan ]

Started by leo fuchigami

re: Middle School books by Christian H. Kim?

Started by gazin

Picture Game: Vocab Review (High School-Low)

Started by kindenglishteacher

Lesson 8 Animal Partners / Excuse Me?

Started by girandola

How Much vs. How Many

Started by This Is Sparta

Can you help me please? Need ideas for a lesson on asking for help.

Started by Martinellt

How's the Weather? Grade 1 Lesson 7 Small Steps for a Better Tomorrow

Started by girandola


Started by faithietaylor

same and different

Started by shermetjen

Jigsaw Lesson - Garlic Festival

Started by mycombs

Birthdays Around The World

Started by amandas

lesson plans

Started by yoda1985


Started by kiwie00

Jeoprady Middle School

Started by discoinfiltrator


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