Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 


Started by pibirogba


Started by snowwalrus

Simon's cat: 3rd person past tense

Started by j.coyle

American Football

Started by gw1034

Lesson: Pwopa Nawty Problems and Advice

Started by RobAY1986

Opera Lesson

Started by modman23

Make Your Own Minion

Started by Sparky1989

Drawing game to practice facial/ body descriptions!

Started by Mrs.Baia

Famous People Game

Started by londone7

Agree and Disagree - "Scrubs" Class

Started by miscreantinblack

Coteaching Demonstration & Food Lessons

Started by fwicksteed

game review with Halloween gifs

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Travel English Adult Class

Started by ciannagh

What are some English movies that Korean middle schoolers like?

Started by mellow-d

Halloween or movie-like episode <40minutes?

Started by KMH456

Cardboard Jack O'Lantern PPT & Nightmare Before Christmas worksheet

Started by Star Thrower

Good Halloween Movies for MS students

Started by BTeacher

GyeongJu World/ Theme Parks

Started by Socrates2080

No tech conversation club - HELP!

Started by ciannagh

One phrase games?

Started by the_test

Pop songs that middle schoolers can sing along to?

Started by Jharris

Warm up "I have..., who has..?" Sick/Ill version.

Started by Jaelen

I'm Going To Sing And Dance

Started by apantelmann

Simple SPeaking lesson game with PPT . Good for survey based topic.

Started by Mrs.Baia

Planets and Gods (made to supplement Grade 1 "Star Stories)

Started by kwingo11

Agree or Disagree boardgame

Started by penny

Advice Adventure! (A powerpoint game/lesson to practice advice)

Started by rednumberix

Pop culture with Korean subtitles

Started by theheretik

Listening and Speaking Test Preparation

Started by berry.alexis@gmail.com

Why the Panda is Black and White

Started by ladywaygook5

Roman Republic to Empire (high level 2nd grade)

Started by theheretik

Days of the week/months of the year mythology

Started by theheretik


Started by pibirogba

Prepositions of Place - PPT + Worksheet

Started by toddsqui

Body Movement: short exercises for class

Started by Star Thrower

"Simple Conversation": A set of 4 Lessons to practice everyday speech

Started by GreenFloyd


Started by pibirogba

Hammer game! listening and comprehension game to apply to any topic

Started by Mrs.Baia

great fun way to practice ANY dialoge. listening writing spelling speaking

Started by Mrs.Baia

connect 4 inspired speaking game

Started by Mrs.Baia


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