Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

The Five Senses

Started by yobunnyhopguy

First day of new semester.

Started by adelle56

Survivor Camp!

Started by HL_says

Dating Lesson

Started by CliffK

Very small conversation class

Started by Shellane845

After School Class: Food Lesson

Started by bonsaiboi

Looking for Korean Subtitles for 'Shark Tank'

Started by CliffK

Ideas for last Class of Winter Camp

Started by ktrn149

JFK 50 years anniversary.

Started by mrcorbi

Dangerous Animals Lesson: PPT, WS, & Game

Started by CliffK


Started by Tinsley

Pets lesson

Started by Rachel the traveller

Uncontrollable second grade classes

Started by natmossy

Christmas Songs

Started by andiusaugustus

MOVED: Winter Camp Help

Started by Yaya

Unusual Foods from Around the World

Started by Dhazaras

What do I do with students who know absolutely no English?

Started by Whatsername888

Where Are You From - Frozen Bomb Game

Started by Bestline7

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Song PPT & WS

Started by CliffK

"The Hot Seat" with "switch" animations

Started by cnmintenko

Thanksgiving Videos and Quiz Game

Started by simplypanda

Video Games Lesson: PPT & Worksheet

Started by CliffK

Sample middle school speaking test questions needed.

Started by kiwikimchi

Lesson: What's wrong/ What's the matter- That's too bad/ I'm sorry to hear that

Started by YourFriendBen


Started by zizitaji

Random Selection Games/Methods?

Started by spilot101

creative music lesson

Started by muchobenny

Alaska: PPT, Dialogue, & Itinerary

Started by CliffK

Fashionable Word Jumbles. Fashion Puzzle.

Started by tsarotu

Crazy inventions

Started by a3

New to Middle School, need speaking-based activities/lessons

Started by Mister Tim

Middle school basketball league?

Started by Slane6

Teaching presentation skills to middle schoolers?

Started by Tin Teacher

Crime & Punishment Lesson

Started by CliffK

Active Passive (MC Lesson #25)

Started by MaestroCantus

*Simpsons Treehouse of Horror I, II, and III* (HD w/ Korean Subs)

Started by imfinethankyouandyou

Film Based Lesson: "Moments" w/ PPT & Comic Drawing Activity

Started by CliffK

Back to the Future lesson!

Started by Tinsley

Halloween Pub Quiz

Started by valium kilmer

Open Class for parents!

Started by natmossy


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