Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

2nd level English 2 with red bus on the ouside Chapter 11

Started by jnanakorn

Learning the Time & Date PPT

Started by smcc

How would I go about tackling the reading section of a textbook when.....

Started by Epistemology

Extra Class SOS: Low Prep Ideas Needed

Started by noobTeacher612

Junk food

Started by viva_jiro


Started by carlokeuler

Beethoven: Don't call it a come back.

Started by tbarber

Design a Perfect School Activity

Started by dms72784

New to middle school teaching

Started by jimfred

fitting video (without subs) for advanced grade 1?

Started by bluebonnet

Help with Jin Hi Choi.

Started by bs07rjlp

Smart Class for 10 weeks

Started by tausha12

Middle School English 1 Lesson 2 Jeopardy Lesson

Started by fasterisbest

Grade 1A (high level): pairs/concentration game. Unit 01 review

Started by more porko

Biggest, fastest longest etc. worksheet and Power Point

Started by Cereal

re: Middle School books by Christian H. Kim?

Started by gazin

Visiting the doctor

Started by christinehys87

Middle school grade 1 unit 2

Started by Haleyos

Party Time

Started by KidAndy

Sinsago 1st grader Lesson 1-2

Started by kiwie00

GyeongJu World/ Theme Parks

Started by Socrates2080

5 Minute Topics/Questions

Started by ohmymyesl

English casino

Started by iceearth83

On school days I...

Started by jumpingjustyna

One of my better Lesson plans

Started by krob1977

Always check the lessonplans you download. I didnt and saw inappropriate pics.

Started by jamaal832004

Introducing Activity

Started by lena02

Great project idea for many topics! Jobs, clothing, what time is it, subjects...

Started by janet1992

middle school grade 3. What used to be there?

Started by djakelly

Lesson Plan for Middle School: Grade 1, Lesson 8

Started by jo.krukowski

Middle School English (Doosan Publishing) Lesson 7,8,9 Review

Started by Jayteach

Talk Talk, "What does she look like?"

Started by Bryanth29

Number Theme: 4 lessons (Includes a clean version of 'Bullshit' card game)

Started by HilaryJane

Texas Flooding

Started by hilgurl402

Eco lesson on Whales & Whaling

Started by Loudine


Started by craigeustace

"Disappearing Islands" for the 2nd Graders (Middle School books by Chritian Kim)

Started by crystal

Resonant Frequency lesson for advanced students

Started by jeffmckenna26@yahoo.com

What are youplanning to do?

Started by amandas

Middle School Grade 1 - Lesson 1 - All About Me

Started by blaze524


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