Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Middle School Grade 1, Lesson 10 - What do you think of...?

Started by bforman

G20 Lesson-They seem to like it.

Started by mrsamandab


Started by ancruz93

Help with materials for Open Class for 2nd grade middle school

Started by CunningLinguist

Spongebob "Chocolate with Nuts" Activity

Started by bdan82

Middle School Grade 1 - Birthdays/돌잔치

Started by amn34

Middle School Grade 1 - Ordering Food

Started by amn34

Would you like to (blah, blah, blah)

Started by cgerdsen

Lesson 11: Across Siberia to North America

Started by sheila

Project Runway

Started by sonya

Winter Camp

Started by Morticae

Song titles and videos

Started by americaussie

Lightspeed, Twin Atlantic

Started by Ollie84

Culture Around the World

Started by landry

3rd Grade Lesson 11 "Did you know..." Activity

Started by scottee

Phone Conversation

Started by scottdk

Grade 3 - Lesson 10 (Famous Places Jeopardy

Started by sophia

Breakaway song: Game and Listening worksheet

Started by beautifulrapture

Grade 1 and 2 Blockbusters Textbook Review

Started by k_belle

Lesson Countries

Started by jwoon

Re: Grade 2 chapter 10-11 review bingo and dice game Team work makes a difference

Started by juskajo

The Great Escape

Started by Karolina13

Grade 1 Lesson 12: Past continuous

Started by rilakkuma

Middle School English 3

Started by frappps

Winter Weather/Clothes, MG1/MG2 (lower levels)

Started by summerthyme

Directions -- website & handout (Grade 2 Middle School)

Started by MaestroCantus

Honesty- Beyonce

Started by sonya

My Halloween MS Grade 2 Open Class PPT

Started by jayd22j

Grade 3 Lesson 10: Mysteries of the Pyramids

Started by Meguita

Testing Elementary students for entrance to foreign language middle school

Started by chingu

What would you take?

Started by Mel123

Strange/Interesting/Weird Holiday Ideas?

Started by ejmclaine

WWII choose your own adventure

Started by mryogurt892

Middle school, low level, help

Started by jnanakorn

The five most terrifying nations

Started by glitterstarbeau

Im sorry could you repeat that?

Started by stewiegrl02

colors and personality

Started by stewiegrl02

You're My Hero Lesson

Started by kirsten

Halloween Open Class PPT

Started by omarples

Low Level 2 , middle school! HELP for activities

Started by jnanakorn


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