Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Mock Certificates for camp.

Started by traveller

Top 5 -countries

Started by shea.karssing

Folktales and Stories

Started by Kenisha

Grammar: Tenses and Prepositions

Started by laislinns

Broken telephone and drawing

Started by laislinns


Started by laislinns


Started by laislinns

World Travel (including famous sites, languages, flags, and a game)

Started by GreenFloyd

Grade 1 Lesson 12 - Seven Wonders of the World

Started by girandola

Global Warming

Started by sambelina78

Idioms on a Speaking Test in Korea

Started by bdan82

English World of Warcraft (type) game

Started by mryogurt892

Blogging Site for Students

Started by kiraaso

Shrek the Halls Lesson

Started by mrsamandab

Saying Goodbye

Started by mariateacher

Movies! General movie class

Started by weezy

Pixar Short PPT: design a DVD Jacket

Started by boosh77

2nd Grade - Lesson 10 - Invented By Teens

Started by flips

Idioms Lesson (Used with Third Grade, Middle School)

Started by greyskymornings

Parent Camp

Started by GCN

too much fun with toondo

Started by flips

Saying Goodbye in Different Languages

Started by raintenshi

student number selection program

Started by daycint

Middle School - Comparatives

Started by pinkrabbit

Spring Vocabulary

Started by Karolina13

Exam Week

Started by klorptar

Winter Conversation class ideas?

Started by Epistemology

Opening Hours

Started by JimmyJenkins

What do you want to be?

Started by JimmyJenkins

Middle school 1 - short films

Started by Mel123

Grade 3 review

Started by LemonWater

3rd Grade minus points - what do they get?

Started by ESmith4

Middle School Final Exam Review Grade 1 and 2

Started by thefrownclown

Middle School English 3 Chapter 12 Now and Then

Started by Epistemology

3 Weeks until Vacation!!! Holiday PPT

Started by holla

Final exam review for Grade 1 and Grade 2 middle school

Started by alex.lintzenich

Circumlocution / describing things lesson ideas??

Started by girandola

Nutrition / Junk Food Lesson

Started by Lattimore

Physical Geography, MG1, Low Level

Started by summerthyme

How do you feel?

Started by misty


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