Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Travel and Festivals - Low Level Conversation Class using MASH

Started by k_belle

Mario Game Weekly Review

Started by heatheryzaguirre

Rebus - Post Exam PPT 45 min Post-exam game

Started by WorkingTitle3484

Killing time after exams: no technology needed!

Started by rachelshaeh

Time Lesson and Bomb Game

Started by saffainkorea

Educational Materials on the Walls of my Middle School Class

Started by numberonegood


Started by Florence7

Valentine's Candy Hearts?

Started by rdh2209


Started by laislinns

ESL computer games and websites

Started by riyehn

What to do for that one week in February?

Started by karenology

Chinese Zodiac Lesson

Started by monroemn

Taylor Swift 15, Make a Movie

Started by uberartist

Letter writing and e-mail

Started by laislinns

What does the future hold? (Future tense/"Fortune-telling" Lesson)

Started by cath-mandu

PPT story/vocab/conversation

Started by andiusaugustus

Art game bingo & Lesson

Started by wazure

Lessons that worked well for my middle school students

Started by rose_vu

Describing people worksheet. (clothes, hair and face)

Started by CalvinandHobbes

'Had better' and 'Should' Review and Q's

Started by Lattimore

A bunch of Lessons for Middle School grades 1-3 cont'd.

Started by javdek1

Activity Station Day

Started by dayv1038

Holidays in America

Started by Karolina13

What do you think of....?

Started by emilyj

Guessing Game

Started by klorptar

Movies for Winter Camp!

Started by Rosieee

Korean Culture Jeopardy

Started by thedudepeters

Popular websites in America

Started by andrucer

Mock Certificates for camp.

Started by traveller

Top 5 -countries

Started by shea.karssing

Folktales and Stories

Started by Kenisha

Grammar: Tenses and Prepositions

Started by laislinns

Broken telephone and drawing

Started by laislinns


Started by laislinns


Started by laislinns

World Travel (including famous sites, languages, flags, and a game)

Started by GreenFloyd

Grade 1 Lesson 12 - Seven Wonders of the World

Started by girandola

Global Warming

Started by sambelina78

Idioms on a Speaking Test in Korea

Started by bdan82

English World of Warcraft (type) game

Started by mryogurt892


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