Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

When is your Birthday?...Dates Refresher

Started by heatheryzaguirre

What's the day? What's the Date?

Started by heatheryzaguirre

I'm confused

Started by baechu

Easy Intro Lesson

Started by kirsten

Middle school grade 1 unit 2

Started by Haleyos

Great Website for Printouts

Started by Kjohner

Middle school grade 1 unit 1 introductions

Started by Haleyos

Lesson Plan for Middle School: Grade 1: "TV"

Started by Kjohner

Looking for Quiz on Ideal Hobby

Started by lburlew

Middle School grade 1 Unit 2 What time is it?

Started by Haleyos

Ordering Food

Started by koreateach

Act, draw, speak

Started by Mop

Middle School Interviews

Started by bec188

Guess the Question Game - 5 W's + 1 H review lesson

Started by marescja

Superlatives (the _____-est, the most _______)

Started by Lattimore

Switch, Steal, Lose

Started by Mop

Making classroom rules

Started by koreateach

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Advanced Relatives

Started by manimal

extreme sports

Started by mojo_mania

Conversation lessons

Started by roger2424

Never, sometimes, usually, always! + 2 games for middle school

Started by andrewsvan88

Human Alphabet - Another Good Fist Day Ice Breaker Activity

Started by mhong1581

Simple Conversation & Feelings

Started by Jojo47

Middle School - describing food

Started by Mel123

Boggle - easy, no prep word game

Started by SpaceRook

Holiday - who wants to be a millionaire game

Started by jumpingjustyna

Nature lesson

Started by upshaw.michael

Lesson about popular Games

Started by upshaw.michael

Eating Healthy

Started by ochattoki

TV Commercials

Started by patriciag

Weather lesson

Started by upshaw.michael

describing personality

Started by kiekie87

Middle school: describing appearance

Started by kiekie87

Tourist spots in korea-jeopardy game

Started by jumpingjustyna

Comparative Adjectives.

Started by Lattimore

Syllables Lesson

Started by mrsamandab

Telling Time and their schedule

Started by dnzster7

Party!-Giving/Accepting/Rejecting Invitations 1st year Middle School

Started by sheedi

Grade 1A (high level): pairs/concentration game. Unit 01 review

Started by more porko


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