Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Morning conversation class

Started by Suz-goose

Murder mystery

Started by Suz-goose

Shopped or not bomb game

Started by Suz-goose

Famous Landmarks Elementary or Middle School

Started by suzanne1


Started by swansonadventure

Travelling open class lesson

Started by Swingapple

Department Store and Mr. Bean

Started by Swingapple

Spring has Sprung

Started by Swingapple

Flowers in Spring

Started by Swingapple

Superlative / Comparative

Started by Swingapple


Started by swissmiss

The Headless horseman

Started by swissmiss

North America

Started by swissmiss

Fashion / body image

Started by Sydas85

Comparisons bingo!

Started by Sydas85

Doosan Kim Middle school 3rd grade Lesson6

Started by sylvia1295

Personality Quiz and *MASH* game

Started by Szeretlek23

Fun Vocabulary Card Game

Started by taegurax

Open class

Started by taingray

Thanksgiving for low level middle school students

Started by Tango2015

International Phonetic Alphabet

Started by Taniwha

At the supermarket

Started by tanya12

No ideas, no interest, no passion. Help please.

Started by tastytom

Smart Class for 10 weeks

Started by tausha12

Beethoven: Don't call it a come back.

Started by tbarber

lesson planning basics-my tiny disaster

Started by tbarber

Weakest Link Scattegories

Started by teacher1988

Class on Plate Tectonics and Prepositions Idea?

Started by teacherrick

Caribbean Islands Lesson (NEED HELP AND ADVICE)

Started by Teacherwalters

After-School Classes, 28-30 Mixed Age/Ability Students. Help!

Started by teatoast

Whoo-hoo, it's Thanksgiving!!

Started by teecherjannie

A lesson about heroes.

Started by teecherjannie

Phonics review in 2 classes

Started by TeePee

Adverbs for how, when, and where.

Started by teflman11

ed/ing Adjectives - worksheet

Started by teflman11

Tag questions related to food.

Started by teflman11

Giving Advice - Worksheet

Started by teflman11

America's Independence Day

Started by Tembo

How to make Ice-Cream PPT activity

Started by Teri15

Austria Powerpoint Presentation

Started by tgates209


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