Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Running Dictation

Started by Carol

Low Level "Would You Rather..." Lesson

Started by chocolateshogun

World Hunger Grade 1 Middle

Started by dorotka

Table Manners Around the World Grade 1 Middle

Started by dorotka

Traveling Far Away Grade 1 Middle

Started by dorotka

2 fun games: Paper Airplane game and Connect 4

Started by gookie


Started by jamierlyon

Need help with an idea for a game teaching inside voices

Started by kmark

Grade 3 (low level): pairs/concentration game. Idioms and "what should I do"

Started by more porko

Grade 3 - Prom

Started by Jugazza

Grade 3 - Parents Arguments

Started by Jugazza

Grade 3 - Getting in trouble ppt and activity sheet

Started by Jugazza

Grade 2 - Dessert lesson ppt

Started by Jugazza

Grade 1 - St. Patrick's Day / Lying Game / Introducing friends - lessons

Started by Jugazza

animation shorts

Started by jderrida

Crazy Story Grade 1

Started by Carol

Paintings Lesson

Started by Carol

Lesson 3 A caterpillar in the cave

Started by mylife

Telling jokes and pranks

Started by dnzster7

Board Pictionary

Started by tijanah

Animal Crossword Puzzle

Started by j9

date and day

Started by morningdew88

HS 1st Grade Extra Help VERY low level class... HELP!!!

Started by ajkhas1

teaching time

Started by morningdew88

Middle 2 or 3 - Running for Class President PART 2 (Election day)

Started by waynesworld

Holloween bingo

Started by morningdew88

Middle 2 or 3 - Running fo Class President - PART 1

Started by waynesworld

tongue twister

Started by cara@mullae

Summer Vacation Lesson

Started by marya

Middle 3 - Money PART1

Started by waynesworld

Pictures game

Started by mtnbk13

what were you doing....?

Started by cara@mullae

Trivia Game

Started by Islander

MIddle 1 - Greetings and questions

Started by waynesworld


Started by dreamedadream

Simpsons Bomb/Jeopardy Review Game

Started by AnthonyTeacher

Sports - Low Level

Started by j9

Nasa pictures

Started by Joshy

Simple story making

Started by mojussa

Bear Grylls Listening Activity

Started by pcunit2009


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