Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Christian H. Kim Lesson Plan and PPT: 2nd Grade Lesson 10

Started by WoodyAndArloNotBuzz

Christian H. Kim Grade 2 Lesson 1

Started by WoodyAndArloNotBuzz

Long term project/extended classes

Started by c-fish

Grade 3, Lesson 10 Make Your Own Restaurant (Used with Grade 3 Middle Schoolers)

Started by greyskymornings

Extreme Sports

Started by Irish Steve

Opposites & Observations [Video Lesson Plan]

Started by Halcyon

Speaking Activity Ideas for 3rd Grade Advanced Students Class? (9th Graders)

Started by flukeriffic

Lesson on Adverbs of Frequency

Started by DJWiley

Sports PPT

Started by johanncoet

Some worksheets

Started by chedder

Inventions by Teens -Lesson 10 (MG2)

Started by amandabaef

Around the world

Started by johanncoet

North America lesson

Started by zerobigideas

At The Restaurant Grade 1 Middle

Started by dorotka

Types of Homes and Rooms of a house

Started by upshaw.michael


Started by noles1970

Party Time

Started by KidAndy


Started by andymaw11

Telepaths Game

Started by picaroons


Started by emaynard12

GR3 middle school-sample lesson plan ppt JOBS

Started by esti_strydom

Describing things in a house (is vs. are)

Started by krazy4kimchi

I have always wanted to be [have + be - perfect continuous)

Started by krazy4kimchi

Mythology - Demeter and Persephone

Started by krazy4kimchi

Comparatives and Counting Syllables

Started by krazy4kimchi

Low Level American Football Lesson (Vikings Theme)

Started by chocolateshogun

What do they look like? How to describe peoples' looks

Started by jamierlyon


Started by thedudepeters

Running Dictation

Started by Carol

Low Level "Would You Rather..." Lesson

Started by chocolateshogun

World Hunger Grade 1 Middle

Started by dorotka

Table Manners Around the World Grade 1 Middle

Started by dorotka

Traveling Far Away Grade 1 Middle

Started by dorotka

2 fun games: Paper Airplane game and Connect 4

Started by gookie


Started by jamierlyon

Need help with an idea for a game teaching inside voices

Started by kmark

Grade 3 (low level): pairs/concentration game. Idioms and "what should I do"

Started by more porko

Grade 3 - Prom

Started by Jugazza

Grade 3 - Parents Arguments

Started by Jugazza

Grade 3 - Getting in trouble ppt and activity sheet

Started by Jugazza


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