Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Warm Up Activities for Middle School

Started by awoodruf26

Last week before summer vacation--What are you doing in your classes?

Started by natmossy

Halloween Open Class PPT

Started by omarples

Wallace and Gromit lesson

Started by mich.elise

Halloween - Treehouse of Horrors Bomb Game

Started by joeg

Back to the Future lesson!

Started by Tinsley

Sports, Extreme Sports, Bomb Game (2classes)

Started by musicboy

YOGA BOSS - A Mix grade PPT game Gets Sleepy and Shy students up and talking

Started by rednumberix

Birthdays Around The World Simple Basic PowerPoint for After School Class

Started by Mlatte

Middle School English 1 (Johanna L. Haas) *new book*

Started by thunderlips

Currency Lesson

Started by jumpingjustyna

Idioms w/ Memory Game & Worksheet

Started by CliffK

Best Open Class Topics for Middle School?

Started by olololox

Some great Game Templates for Post Exam Easiness

Started by stemarty


Started by cg1419

Kids React to K-pop Lesson Plan help

Started by Anor Londo

Lazy co-teacher is upset because his laziness was exposed

Started by artwalknoon

Birthdays All Around The World

Started by yoonjoon

Speaking Test Grading Rubric

Started by kirsten

Lesson 11: Across Siberia to North America

Started by sheila

If you have some class time to kill...

Started by cg1419

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz

Started by jessi_caw


Started by Mekap23

Halloween lesson for middle school: Thriller, intro, and Cranium-inspired game

Started by wolverine6

2014 Golden Bell quiz

Started by 24open_yangsan_gukbap

Jobs (1st grade open class lesson)

Started by polscilogist

The Reader: Short Film Lesson w/ PPT

Started by CliffK

Describing People Lesson (middle-school)

Started by agarrett

Amazing Places Around The World

Started by Harry Yeong

The Three Little Pigs - Read Along + More!

Started by dbtm

Describing Animals Lesson

Started by agarrett

Hair Styles + Hairdresser Lesson Plan for Girls

Started by Daejeon Gav

New Year's Lesson

Started by jimmyjamison

5 Angry Birds Quizzes

Started by twak24

Movie Short Lesson Plan

Started by bfontaine

Interesting/Cultural differences (Chpt 11, Middle school English 2 by C H Kim)

Started by Rowanteacher


Started by Harry Yeong

Planets and Gods (made to supplement Grade 1 "Star Stories)

Started by kwingo11

National Geographic 'Weird But True' Quiz Game

Started by mowchy

Do I ignore the students who do not listen in after school class?

Started by Snorks


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