Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

2 Mystery Box game for low level Middle School 1 and 2

Started by jeonjubibimbap

world's famous april fools' day trick

Started by Joshy

Grade 1, Unit 2: School vocabulary with Simpsons Bomb Game

Started by bhogj

Middle School Grade 2 Lesson 7: Opinions

Started by lennonloverlady

Animal Lesson

Started by rilakkuma


Started by erlend

Travel Brochures/Vacation Lesson

Started by dyllbeam

Halloween Riddles 1st grade middle school

Started by thedudepeters

Lesson on Adverbs of Frequency

Started by DJWiley

No ideas, no interest, no passion. Help please.

Started by tastytom

Prisoner's dilemma

Started by jimwall5

Tag Questions - fun group game

Started by jamierlyon

Grade 1 Lesson 9 -- On giving directions

Started by stemarty

EPL English Premier League Soccer Football Top Trumps/ Playing Cards

Started by wawawawonder

Similes & Analogies PPT

Started by yoonjoon

Just a fun general knowledge jeopardy game for Middle School

Started by Theodoros

Teaching Cultural Differences Around the World

Started by amandas

Help! Advanced class is way to advanced

Started by Munchy

Grammar: Tenses and Prepositions

Started by laislinns

Harry Potter Lesson

Started by buckrogers

Clothes hidden pictures game PPT

Started by Cathy322

More ideas for learning about movies?

Started by morgainenyl

Occupations / Hobbies

Started by Lattimore

Successful People Who Failed A Bunch of Times

Started by jaysoon17

Simple Present with GIFs

Started by Engrish

Top 5 -countries

Started by shea.karssing

Let's Travel - Where the Hell is Matt Lesson

Started by pcunit2009

Syllables Lesson

Started by simplypanda

Discussion Class on Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami

Started by Koreachess

American Culture + Quiz Game

Started by davjs

Comparatives Superlatives Low Middle School Lesson (PPT and Worksheet)

Started by jackoneill87

First day of new semester.

Started by adelle56

Deserted Island - PPT and Worksheets

Started by NicKorea2009

Two-Part Introducing Family/Extended Family Lesson

Started by bonsaiboi

Post Exam Jeopardy

Started by mich6791


Started by boll

Running Man Bomb Game (Version 2)

Started by datsu23

Lesson 1: What's the matter?

Started by jslefinger

Inventions Lesson

Started by CliffK

What does the future hold? (Future tense/"Fortune-telling" Lesson)

Started by cath-mandu


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