Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Spongebob "Chocolate with Nuts" Activity

Started by bdan82

American Football

Started by gw1034

Quiz Show ppt

Started by Jennifer03

Food advertisements: Using words to describe food

Started by RobAY1986

Extra Lesson: Music

Started by CorbenDallas


Started by skapie

The Memory Game

Started by stemarty

World Culture Quiz BINGO Game (Used with Third Grade Middle Schoolers)

Started by greyskymornings

Back to school vacation-y games lesson

Started by whitespider

Harry Potter Personality Lesson

Started by maria.pino88

Who Am I - Characters from famous children's books

Started by jumpingjustyna

Learning English with K-pop songs

Started by dtninja831

"If I Were..." Second Conditional PPT Lesson + Fill-In-The-Blank

Started by yoonjoon

Guess Who lesson (describing and making questions)

Started by melissa2009

Celebrity/K-Pop Family Lesson

Started by korr

Pictionary PPT for Middles Shoold Students

Started by Cathy322


Started by mrcorbi

90 minute conversation class?

Started by girandola

What inspires you? After school lesson.

Started by ltyrpak

New PUB Quiz~

Started by hhh123

Can you help me find Thanksgiving and Christmas movies with Korean subtitles?

Started by Abbyite

Saying Goodbye in Different Languages

Started by raintenshi

K-Pop Slam 5 Suggestions Please!

Started by jaysoon17

Dance Around the World

Started by Kenisha

simple / catchy prosocial songs?

Started by bluebonnet

5 Senses: Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch & Hearing

Started by kgibilte

KPOP Challenge PPT - possible summer camp lesson

Started by ToniV


Started by 110226255

Lesson: What's wrong/ What's the matter- That's too bad/ I'm sorry to hear that

Started by YourFriendBen


Started by Kenisha

Angry Birds Lesson

Started by stockw3ll

Family Feud with Korean Directions

Started by Orange_Thief

Agree and Disagree - "Scrubs" Class

Started by miscreantinblack

MS Grade 1 Lesson 11: 'Hello, Dr. Einstein!'

Started by rilakkuma


Started by stefinately

127 Hours lesson powerpoint

Started by qkds

How much authority do I have in the classroom??

Started by Msylissy22

Travel & Transportation, Grade 1 - Basic Level

Started by Booki

Fun games/quizzes without PPT!

Started by slothboy

My open class lesson with lesson plan

Started by AndyT910


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