Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Daily Question

Started by Wintermute

Afterschool class ideas for all boys Middle School

Started by MariFrancine

No Computer lesson plans

Started by vinny

Grade 1, Unit 2: School vocabulary with Simpsons Bomb Game

Started by bhogj

English Newspapers

Started by ToniV

Need other middle school teacher's advice!

Started by Snorks


Started by boll

London Olympics

Started by eastreef

What is a good way to get students to present their target language?

Started by Daeguer


Started by mrcorbi

Where can I buy brita water filters?

Started by Daeguer

Choi Jin H books?

Started by zenbone

What do you have on your classroom walls?

Started by dream_a_happy


Started by thankQ

Good Movies for Winter School

Started by Yeti

Jazz English Textbooks

Started by cocoinkorea

My students are bored. Please help!

Started by hovans

Introduction worksheet

Started by pr1ncejeffie

Middle School English 3--Christian H. Kim

Started by craw88

Ordering fast food

Started by ryangriffiths

Trash ball throwing game! easy and great fun!

Started by janet1992

Human Alphabet - Another Good Fist Day Ice Breaker Activity

Started by mhong1581

Fun Lesson on Adjectives

Started by johnny russian

Fun Picture Scavenger Hunt/ Survivor Camp

Started by pibirogba

stop the bus/ scattegories...time killer games

Started by thomeniuk

Educational Materials on the Walls of my Middle School Class

Started by numberonegood

Valentine's Candy Hearts?

Started by rdh2209

Agree and Disagree - "Scrubs" Class

Started by miscreantinblack

Ideas to get low level, mixed 3rd graders to speak, write or do anything

Started by Msylissy22

Thanksgiving Lesson

Started by jimmyjamison

Super Mario Bomb Game - My magnum opus

Started by mryogurt892

Very simple Why/Because Game

Started by danj

Prepositions of Time

Started by Lattimore

Harry Potter Personality Lesson

Started by maria.pino88

The key to studying English

Started by lalateacha

Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee: PPT, Worksheet, Game (Stolen)

Started by pcunit2009


Started by Superchick3

Pop songs that middle schoolers can sing along to?

Started by Jharris

Successful low-prep classes for unmotivated gr2 after-school

Started by Ben1981

WORD! Vocab un-scramble

Started by stemarty


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