Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Lesson 5: Tangrams

Started by CorbenDallas

Animal Classes

Started by polscilogist

Middle School, Grade 2 - Sports Lesson

Started by Fritzilla


Started by waygook12345

fake money

Started by waygook12345

thomas orr middle school 3rd grade lesson 5

Started by lb129

Shopping Lesson and typhoon game

Started by manimal


Started by michaelpaul1988

Lesson 5 MS1 and MS2 (Parties)

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Idioms / Proverbs

Started by hkim10284

Present continuous with Animals

Started by Jgrat

Middle School- Homphones Lesson

Started by alex3244

Public Transportation Lesson Series

Started by Whimsy

Introducing worksheet

Started by waygook12345


Started by waygook12345

Lesson 1: What's the matter?

Started by jslefinger

Music-based Icebreakers?

Started by Shauno

easy weather lesson

Started by MysticOrange27

Asking For Directions Lesson

Started by SunflowersMuse

School lunch lesson with survey and worksheet

Started by easy


Started by stefinately

comparative adjective ppt

Started by snij

Art Lesson Plan

Started by ketravison

lesson plan for 'may'

Started by snij

Guess Who game - for describing people.

Started by epburton84

Middle School - 1st Grade - What is Friendship? - Marie J Guilloteaux

Started by kraggy

Good videos/clips to demonstrate acting

Started by jauntwithjo

Hand Gestures

Started by molly.j.13

Can anyone recommend some non PPT games

Started by hannahlumurphy

After school class, please help

Started by joe.dakin

Future Plans Batteship

Started by ketravison

Are your open classes filmed?

Started by Ollie84

Bugs Bunny's The Hare and the Tortoise video and cartoon lesson

Started by felieli

Grade 02. Unit 04. Gestures. Review Game

Started by more porko

Middle School English 좋을책 신사고 Second Grade Lesson 4: Plastic bag ice cream

Started by CorbenDallas

Middle School English 좋을책 신사고 (green book) Second Grade Chapter 3

Started by CorbenDallas

Adjective Game

Started by amb

Christian H Kim Middle School Grade 2 - A trip to South Africa lesson????

Started by Mr Oh Eu Didn't


Started by laislinns

Useful Grammar Materials

Started by withj


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