Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Good Conversation-Focused Textbook for Very Low Level High Schoolers??

Started by suigeneris

Describing People Lesson (middle-school)

Started by agarrett

Spring has Sprung

Started by Swingapple

Superlative / Comparative

Started by Swingapple

Lesson 4 (04) Future Plans Grade 3 Low Level Bomb Game

Started by more porko


Started by gw1034

english progression

Started by gw1034

American money

Started by gw1034

A Word or 2

Started by Westleah

worksheets and for various topics

Started by Polka Babe

After School Class: Superheroes

Started by bonsaiboi

Extra Lesson: Music

Started by CorbenDallas

Middle School Grade 2 - Lesson 2 - Welcome to the Show

Started by blaze524

Middle School Grade 1 - Lesson 2 - My School Bus

Started by blaze524

Middle School Grade 4 - Lesson 1 - At the Pet Shop

Started by blaze524

Middle School Grade 1 - Lesson 3 - Join Our Club

Started by blaze524

Middle School Grade 1 - Lesson 1 - All About Me

Started by blaze524

help help afterschool class.

Started by pigeon100

Health advice + clause of purpose (to, so as to ..etc)

Started by icafitz


Started by Jgrat

Food Meals / Like, Would Like

Started by Jgrat

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Started by khakipnts9

***PEN PAL EXCHANGE with a class of Thai students***

Started by sallyafc

Have you ever

Started by ephx7

MSE 2 L 4 Advertisements

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Pirates of the Caribbean Lesson

Started by Redvers

Help! Advanced class is way to advanced

Started by Munchy

Invitations - Low Level

Started by ochattoki

Do you remember... ?

Started by blythewilson

After school class ideas

Started by kiekie87

how about +~ing/must/must not(worksheet)

Started by eternal0518

vocab words and grammar rules from lesson 6 for the 1st graders(doosan-KIM)

Started by eternal0518

Logic Puzzles

Started by SpaceRook

Lesson 6(3rd grade-doosan)

Started by eternal0518

The Darwin Awards Lesson

Started by Graumpot

Global warming and the environment

Started by Emma

At the supermarket

Started by tanya12

Relay Race Activity

Started by GregSandford

5 minute killers

Started by jAEded

How to make Simon Says more Interesting

Started by Orange_Thief


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