Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

re: history of chocolate and how to make hot chocolate

Started by SarafinaTeacher

re: Middle School books by Christian H. Kim?

Started by gazin

re: Middle School books by Christian H. Kim?

Started by gazin

re: Middle School books by Christian H. Kim?

Started by gazin

re: Middle School books by Christian H. Kim?

Started by gazin

re: middle school comparative, superlative and then South Africa cultural lesson

Started by SarafinaTeacher

Re: Middle School: After School Lessons/Resources

Started by minamteacher

reading camp

Started by sonofthedude777

Reading classes once a month

Started by longwayround

Reading lesson

Started by japanart1234

Reading lesson 2

Started by japanart1234

Reading Topics for Mid-Level

Started by olsand27

Readings for mid level

Started by olsand27

Really easy & successful song writing lessons - Jingle Bells

Started by cocosheff

Really easy post vacation lesson!

Started by kjoy

Really Large Halloween Culture Lesson (Sounds, music, etc.)

Started by GreenFloyd

Rebus - Post Exam PPT 45 min Post-exam game

Started by WorkingTitle3484


Started by thedudepeters

Recommendation for Short Stories please

Started by Mokona

Recreate the Pose - Game for Summer camp

Started by P_Shelton

Reference Sheets for Verb Tenses

Started by yoonjoon

Relative Pronouns as Objects of Dependent Clauses

Started by Lattimore

Relative Pronouns With Occupation Descriptions

Started by Lattimore

Relay Race Activity

Started by GregSandford

Remedial English for Middle School

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Renting an Apartment

Started by chawk87

Research Project Topics for Middle School Girls

Started by ashe1590

Resonant Frequency lesson for advanced students

Started by jeffmckenna26@yahoo.com

Resource: Movies -some short youtube clips and questions in PPT

Started by Tommee

Restaurant and food!!

Started by kristalrooy

Restaurant Dialogue

Started by JamesA

Restaurant lesson plan

Started by kps1

Restaurant manners with low level middle schoolers

Started by katy moo

Restaurant ordering

Started by carlokeuler

Restaurant Vocabulary

Started by chawk87

Restaurant, Invitations and requests lesson

Started by Andries Bester

Review bomb game.

Started by CalvinandHobbes

Review for Grade 2

Started by BB123

Review for Midterm

Started by michael.james.122

Review Games/Spelling Practice - For your really low level middle schoolers.

Started by vmajeika


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