Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Describing Nature

Started by jimwall5

Games, games, games

Started by sonya

Short, Engaging Activities for 3rd Graders

Started by mkinkorea

Student-centered afterschool activities

Started by azalea14

Spice Girls PPT, Game and general lesson idea.

Started by pcunit2009

Describing Things

Started by Dhazaras

Calm (but not boring) activities for huge grade 2 boys classes?

Started by Clarebot

Pop Music Lesson with fill-in-the-blank lyric worksheet and a listening game

Started by darktoad1

letter to future self

Started by jlehmke

"Theme Parks: A Conversation Lesson"

Started by cwhetsell

Culture Exchange Club Texas

Started by chu7

Pain, Injuries, Illness. PPT, Lesson plan

Started by danielspaniel

Feelings and emotions

Started by jimwall5

BEATLES LESSON! :D Middle-school Level

Started by greyskymornings

Summer Activities

Started by eastreef

Hawaii: PPT & Brochure Making Activity

Started by CliffK

Ice Cream presentation & game

Started by Mister Tim

Best games for pre summer holiday lessons

Started by JackRoxby

Idioms w/ Memory Game & Worksheet

Started by CliffK

25 Minute Music Video Lesson - Post Exam (includes worksheet)

Started by jenncette

I lava you PPT

Started by clawd.87

Optical Illusions and Riddles

Started by quiningqualia

Super Quiz

Started by Dhazaras

Clothes Shopping

Started by sleeman

Pizza Lesson

Started by Mister Tim

Need a Writing Book for Middle School Students

Started by traveler

Grade One Lesson - Likes/Dislikes, Love/Hate

Started by Dhazaras


Started by alex_ru

At the Supermarket

Started by kenlumlee

Song-based Lessons

Started by CliffK

Hobbies Lesson

Started by CliffK

ESL Videos

Started by redman85

Werewolves- Mafia Style Game

Started by Dhazaras

Evolution in Korea?

Started by Anbairui

The Reader: Short Film Lesson w/ PPT

Started by CliffK

Kpop lesson/games?

Started by houseian

Accidents Lesson with Activities

Started by CliffK

Who's got the verb?

Started by Zealot_Hill

Teaching literature for incoming teachers who will teach middle school students?

Started by yima1993

Paperman- Animated Short Lesson with PPT & Worksheet

Started by CliffK


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