Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Phone conversation Game_Sam's secret message

Started by baelee

New Books Suggestions?

Started by MLynTeacher

Meeting Middle School Students for the first time

Started by trendgame

Comprehensive Middle-School Games List

Started by Lurch

Lesson 8 MS Grade 2 Animal Partners

Started by jeonjubibimbap


Started by ruthmau

Middle School Boys: Behavior and Punishment

Started by rureybowmant

Motivate kids with achievements

Started by moe101

Middle school - No Idea!

Started by superhaz

A prezi on lesson 7 "let's talk together" section.

Started by kb wan kenobi

middle school grade 3. What used to be there?

Started by djakelly

Are there any middle school appropriate horror movies?

Started by Jamebb


Started by kitty.cat

Middle School - Invitation to play sports

Started by goulash

An Introduction to Clothes

Started by Gilligan

Ideal Seating Arrangement?

Started by leo fuchigami

Middle School Introduction PowerPoint

Started by lennonloverlady

Pyeongchang2018 themed class

Started by MissC

Help me make a lesson about handicaps

Started by hunterst

Afterschool class ideas for all boys Middle School

Started by MariFrancine

What did you enjoy about the summer? (High School-Low)

Started by kindenglishteacher

Lesson Plan for Grade 2 Middle School - Talking about Vacation

Started by coachbombay

Sports Vocabulary PPT

Started by lemontree0528

Feelings Review PPT

Started by lemontree0528

Personality Lesson

Started by sirwinga

Lesson plan or 5 minutes of fun?

Started by lemontree0528


Started by chedder

Middle school English - Lesson five - grade 2 - Greeting, sympathy and encourage

Started by RT

American Holidays

Started by DaveDeuce


Started by nohyoungrae

middle school English - Lesson five - grade 2 - Expressing exclamation pics

Started by RT

Middle school English - Lesson five - there are there is and prepositions

Started by RT

Should and Shouldn't (MC Lesson #18)

Started by MaestroCantus

MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH 3 - Lssn 6 (pgs. 116-117) - Lesson with more speaking

Started by bluesky72

Middle school - first grade level - lesson in describing simple shapes

Started by bluesky72

Global Gestures (High School- Low)

Started by kindenglishteacher

CNN Heroes (High School- Low)

Started by kindenglishteacher

Picture Game: Vocab Review (High School-Low)

Started by kindenglishteacher

Listening practice with pop songs - Pretty Boy

Started by Erica

Telephone Conversation

Started by stellarkenz


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