Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

English Writing Competitions

Started by NicoleC

Animal Musical Chairs!

Started by andych85

Mario Bingo Game!

Started by andych85

Games For Middle School Students

Started by TinyPanda

Lets Go Istanbul

Started by londone7

Introductions, Countries and Nationalities - Low Level

Started by akw87

Need some help...

Started by asa47

Friday the 13th

Started by kmark

I'd Like to Buy a Vowel (from JLP Resource Book)

Started by Brian

Let's travel (from JLP Resource Book)

Started by Brian

5 Minute Topics/Questions

Started by ohmymyesl

Showing Spice Girl's Wannabe Video to 6th graders

Started by stamerjam

Middle School English 좋을책 신사고 Second Grade Lesson 5: how do animals stay alive?

Started by CorbenDallas

Advice: Review game

Started by kiekie87

Special class - Video teaching a random school!

Started by LockStock

Grammar: Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs

Started by laislinns

Double Negatives

Started by andrucer

Pokemon: Real world animals + some vocabulary

Started by ArcaneSoul

Prezi to Encourage Middle School Students to Speak

Started by jaysoon17

Weather Lesson

Started by Carz

Teaching Present Perfect Simple: Have you ever...?

Started by CandiceLee

Very Fun After School Class Idea!

Started by lennonloverlady

Nationalities and Countries

Started by kps1

Lesson 3. The magic paintbrush - worksheet

Started by sophie0314

Lesson 3. The magic paintbrush

Started by sophie0314

Middle School English Writing Questions

Started by aheart

Setting up Lesson Plans

Started by Ritzckrakr

Compass Directions Wrksht + Camping Word Search

Started by wango

Clueless Crossword

Started by jumpingjustyna

A good Listener

Started by shermetjen

Please Help Me Identify This Textbook

Started by dbtm

Appearance Lesson

Started by Kristel McFarland

Countries Game

Started by Dr.Worm

How to teach middle schoolers!

Started by ablnm

Harry Potter Lesson

Started by buckrogers

Review for Grade 2

Started by BB123

Need help for first day teaching middle school in Korea

Started by dune321

Post-exam Candy Crunch Quiz Challenge

Started by Peekay1982

Intro Lesson Plan for First Day

Started by Leepm

Korea's Got Talent! (Lesson attached)

Started by magicalmerlinmark


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