Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Middle School- Dr.'s Appt.- Injuries and Illnesses

Started by cmdeme

Angry Birds Lesson (Idea Brainstorm - Lesson attached!)

Started by magicalmerlinmark

Quick and Easy Games for the last 10 minutes of class

Started by pez

Middle School - Tense

Started by goulash

Amazing Race

Started by Amazing race help

Middle School- Movies and Genres

Started by cmdeme

Teaching Using Music

Started by Amandada6262000

Just the way you are, Bruno Mars Lesson

Started by jfear67

Level 3.... After their Exams!

Started by efulton106


Started by 경기teacher

human bingo

Started by 경기teacher

Science Videos

Started by efulton106

konglish lesson ppt

Started by Jennifer03

Describing Appearance Lesson

Started by kellym

Middle school--my student's favorite and repeatable lesson plans!

Started by Merryone

Baseball Expressions in Conversation

Started by meljwalds

Speaking Juice

Started by faery_lights

Tabbo Pictionary!

Started by andych85

Past tense

Started by carlokeuler

Writing Practice

Started by keenakang

Writing Practice

Started by keenakang

Getting students to write full sentences

Started by GengisPenguin

Middle school & High school grammar ppts

Started by osijak1

Middle School Book Questions and answers

Started by MAdrienne

Help me spend loads of money!!!

Started by danball

Fun Phonics Game for low level students

Started by simplypanda

Simple Scattergories Game

Started by NicKorea2009

"Emotions" Powerpoint

Started by keenakang

Talking About Art Lesson - ''seems to''

Started by daveb

Warmup(new word and grammar)- 2nd grade middle school (neulyul 장영희)

Started by Lucyyu

Grammar explaination - 2nd grade middle school (neulyul 장영희)

Started by Lucyyu

vocabulary matching game(Lesson 9-2nd middle school-neolyul publisher)

Started by Lucyyu

Golden Bell Quiz

Started by Jennifer03

comparative form ppt

Started by Jennifer03

Halloween ppt, game board, dialogue

Started by ketravison

Telling the Time

Started by Jarulian

student photos activity

Started by dermot

Halloween Lesson

Started by randarchy

direction (for middle school 1st student -low intermediate)

Started by Lucyyu

Legal and Illegal Should and Shouldn't

Started by kimchi_lover545


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