Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 


Started by jimmyjamison

Halloween Lesson

Started by jimmyjamison

How Much is it? A lesson on currency with a fun game/activity

Started by stemarty

Review bomb game.

Started by CalvinandHobbes

Halloween and Adjectives

Started by jmsgreenwood

Gyopo After school Lesson

Started by Amandada6262000

Middle School 1 Lesson 11 Hello Dr. Einstein

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Simple football game

Started by Darren86

Lesson 11: A look inside Korean....". 2nd grade Middle School English

Started by michaelwhyte

Transportation- bus, taxi, airplane

Started by agarrett

Lesson 10 "Let's Draw Our Future" Middle School English (new yellow book)

Started by michaelwhyte

Pranks (for the very-low-level and distracted students)

Started by MissLu

KPOP CHALLENGE: With Music Clips

Started by blythewilson

Solar System PPT + Worksheet + Game

Started by kitster1

Ted.com lesson

Started by baechu

Incubus- Wish you were here.

Started by CalvinandHobbes

Subject-Verb Agreement Lesson

Started by Marc Beezy

The boys by Girls' Generation Music Video Worksheet

Started by descriptkyo

Have you heard / Do you know of..... Futurama Themed PPT

Started by stemarty

Would you mind......(Mario bros themed lesson)

Started by stemarty

Ocean lesson (middle school - intermediate to low)

Started by mmcafee

The Price Is Right (bomb game)

Started by annekat

Grade 1 - Weather & Weather Idioms

Started by Stephanie.

Grade 1 Comparison Hunting: Superlative Adjectives

Started by baelee

Grade 1 Chapter 9: A healthy Life BOMB GAME

Started by baelee

"aux verb + have + pp" worksheet needed...

Started by Canonite

PPT about Steve Jobs

Started by descriptkyo

I made a game called "Do you Know Kimchi" and put together a PPT

Started by robroy

Middle School Jeopardy Game

Started by toljin86

Invasion of Christmas Island!

Started by Ollie84

Unit 03 middle school. Bingo Game. Looks Cute. That's too Bad.

Started by more porko

M*A*S*H - Fortune Telling Game

Started by NicKorea2009

Middle School grade 2 low level Music Lyrics

Started by toljin86

Middle School all grades Halloween

Started by toljin86

Verbs lesson

Started by margeaux.frampton


Started by ahartley288

After exams

Started by Seoulian

Middle School 1 Lesson 11 Annoying Orange Game

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Telling Time

Started by amaggiora

Just a fun general knowledge jeopardy game for Middle School

Started by Theodoros


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