Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Prezi Thanksgiving Lesson

Started by angelcyoung

Grade 1, Unit 2: School vocabulary with Simpsons Bomb Game

Started by bhogj

Thanksgiving Lesson

Started by jimmyjamison

Easy reading and writing lesson for middle school

Started by baechu

pen pal - exchange project : France--Korea

Started by KiddieCAT

Halloween - Treehouse of Horrors Bomb Game

Started by joeg

easy Asking and giving directions

Started by MysticOrange27

elementary school textbook content

Started by thbsp

'be good at' 'That's incredible'

Started by Coppertone06

Thanksgiving - and Turkey Hands!

Started by MAdrienne

What are your interests using Facebook

Started by stemarty

Sharing Opinions

Started by Jarulian

Thanksgiving movie?

Started by kmark

Grade 1 Lesson 9 -- On giving directions

Started by stemarty

Environment lesson

Started by jackduckworth


Started by a3

What do you enjoy about summer?

Started by a3

Speaking Test season!

Started by mycombs


Started by Leni

Beauty and the Beast lesson plan. Takes 3-5 class periods.

Started by GLondonful

Symptoms and Treatments

Started by agarrett

Time wasters when your lesson ends early

Started by snowwalrus

3rd graders Final Exam

Started by baelee

USA holidays ppt and bomb game

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Up lesson plan- screw up, dress up, throw up, suck up... etc

Started by phil1982

Printable Mad Libs website!

Started by lennonloverlady

Soccer into Language

Started by minimike87

"What are we doing?" (Lesson on global problems)

Started by Irish Steve


Started by jimmyjamison

Halloween Lesson

Started by jimmyjamison

How Much is it? A lesson on currency with a fun game/activity

Started by stemarty

Review bomb game.

Started by CalvinandHobbes

Halloween and Adjectives

Started by jmsgreenwood

Gyopo After school Lesson

Started by Amandada6262000

Middle School 1 Lesson 11 Hello Dr. Einstein

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Simple football game

Started by Darren86

Lesson 11: A look inside Korean....". 2nd grade Middle School English

Started by michaelwhyte

Transportation- bus, taxi, airplane

Started by agarrett

Lesson 10 "Let's Draw Our Future" Middle School English (new yellow book)

Started by michaelwhyte

Pranks (for the very-low-level and distracted students)

Started by MissLu


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